The Hair Braid You Can Be Proud Of (Even As An Adult)

Preparation is key.

Everyone loves a braid. The more elaborate the better. And there’s always one person in every group that knows how to do them better than anyone, the DB (designated braider). They’re super valuable, never lose them.

Admittedly, braids are hard to do especially on one’s own head. Hair length, flexibility and finger dexterity all play a part but there’s one fundamental, often forgotten, step that can make all the difference: using product.

Priming hair and finishing a braid with product can make or break a braid. So, if your attempts have failed you in the past, here are some quick tips from hair stylist, Jacqueline Morrison, on how to create a braid you can be wear proudly (even as an adult).


  1. Prep hair with using a Babyliss Crimper. Use only on roots, leaving out the hairline, to add volume.
  2. Using a Cloud Nine Straightener, slightly wave and smooth the ends.


  1. Start with a three-strand braid on the side of the head and add hair, going over the top of the head with your braid, continuing until you reach the other side of the head.
  2. To transition this style into an up-do (see below),  continue with the braid, adding hair to it until you reach the back of your head and tie the end with a band.
  3. Repeat with a braid on the other side of the head and loosely twist hair into a loop where they meet and pin to secure.


  1. Gently pull out some pieces to soften the effect as desired.
  2. Use EVO Haze Styling Powder for extra texture and body, and hold the style with a misting of De Lorenzo Medium Hold Spray.


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