What’s quinoa doing out of your salad and in your shampoo & conditioner?

Turns out, it’s great at locking in hair colour. One very rich source of amino acids (it contains all eight essential amino acids, in case you cared to know), KEEN-WAH is, as it were, very effective at binding things together; things like…hair colour to the hair follicle.

We’ll spare you the chemistry lesson, but hydrolized quinoa protein, the form it takes in haircare, smells and looks nothing like the original. In this decontructed form, it easily penetrates the hair shaft to work its sticky magic on your colour so it keeps for longer.

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Aussie botanical beauty brand, Grown Alchemist, has released five new cosmeceutical haircare sets. Besides ‘Colour Protect‘ (enriched with hydrolyzed quinoa protein, burdock and hibiscus extract), there’s also ‘Detox‘, ‘Strengthening‘, ‘Volumising‘, and ‘Anti-Frizz‘. And they’re all powered by some VERY interesting ingredients, from ginger carbon dioxide to pomegranate, manuka extract to abyssinian seed oil.

The minimalist and simple design of the bottles belie the 10+ years of research and development that’s gone into it – but on a busy shelf of competing colour, this natural haircare range sticks out. It’s a wonder why more beauty products don’t opt for this understated and clean approach, but then, it’s not only the brilliant white that catches our gaze. Those unique blends (now 100% easier to read) keep us reading.

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Founders and brothers, Keston and Jeremy Muijs, originally developed Grown Alchemist because one of their buddies was reacting badly to almost all of the artificial ingredients in market skincare products. Their certified organic products operate under the science that our bodies allow natural ingredients to penetrate more easily and work more effectively because their molecular structure is a lot like our own, which makes natural ingredients less likely to be rejected or cause bad reactions.

If you’ve never used organic haircare before, the results are instantly noticeable. Washed hair doesn’t feel as slippery, but rather, gritty, textured with a lot more grip. i.e. the perfect condition for sky-high top knots.

And the smell? Invigorating. That’s one of our favourite things about natural shampoos and conditioners – they smell like the freak’n weekend.

Tell us, have you used a natural shampoo or conditioner before?

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