December 15, 2021

I Tried This Haircare Serum And It Seriously Improved My Thinning Hair Line

by EMILY ALGAR - In partnership with Pump Haircare

Emily Algar

Plus, it’s TGA-approved.

Loss of hair density is a surprisingly common concern among women. Stress, hormones, over-styling and genetics can all play a part, leading to things like breakage, fallout and changes in the hairline. 

Personally I hadn’t thought much about it until a hormonal shift caused me to experience significant thinning. Every time I shampooed, I’d notice handfuls of loose strands and I was vacuuming daily to account for all the shedding. Suddenly my haircare routine seemed all the more important, and I started looking for products that were not only going to hydrate and add volume, but also nourish my scalp and improve follicular health. 

I’d heard about Pump Haircare before, but never actually tried the products until it became apparent that the brand ethos was built around the issues I was experiencing. Founded by hairdresser Natasha Jay, who experienced hair loss herself following an endometriosis diagnosis, Pump was created to fill a gap for organic, scientifically-formulated products that also improved fullness and growth patterns. Now made up of over 50 unique formulas and stocked in more than 100 countries, the brand has gone from strength to strength—and launched some incredible products along the way.

Pump BioGro™️ Hair Grow Serum is one of the most notable and something that piqued my interest early on. Hair growth products are in no short supply, but few are both TGA-approved and clinically proven to work… BioGro™️ being one of them. (TGA in Australia, also known as the  Therapeutic Goods Administration, is one of the toughest governing bodies to get approval on products globally, so it’s no mean feat). The treatment uses a blend of natural botanicals and scientifically-backed ingredients to promote thicker, longer and faster-growing hair. The heavy-lifters are Sanguisorba Officinalis, Rosa Multifora and Swertia Chirata, three plant extracts that manage fallout and improve overall health. The way they do this is by blocking FGF5, a naturally-occurring protein that builds up on the scalp causing excess shedding. This is a simplified explanation (and hair loss is an extremely complicated issue) but the science is incredibly interesting, and sets it apart from similar formulas on the market. 

Having ruled out any underlying medical issues (side note: check with your doctor first if you’re in a similar boat), BioGro™️ seemed like the perfect product to help me reverse my thinning hairline and loss of volume. I paired it with the Hair Growth Shampoo, Hair Growth Conditioner and Hair Growth Mask (this is recommended for best results, as all three contain the same key ingredients) and got to work. 

The Serum itself is lovely to use—lightweight, non-sticky and quickly absorbed. I applied twice a day to my roots, focusing on any extra-bare sections. Because my hair is fine, I like to shampoo daily and only apply conditioner to my ends, while the mask makes for a luxurious weekly treatment. Hot tip: I applied mine every Sunday before hot yoga class to really let it work some magic.

As for results, in two weeks I started to notice a difference. The shedding had reduced and my strands felt stronger. My self-proclaimed bald patch had even sprouted a few baby hairs (always a good sign!). I also loved the fact the products didn’t weigh my hair down. Instead, it was soft, airy and shiny, proving it’s absolutely possible to have your cake and eat it too. 

Now almost a month into testing, I am so impressed with how things are tracking. I definitely notice an improvement in fullness around the roots and forehead, and my chin-grazing bob is growing at a faster-than-usual pace. The fact the products smell delicious, are Australian-made and only contain necessary ingredients is the cherry on top. As someone who’s tried a lot to restore thick, full, healthy-looking hair, Pump Haircare BioGro™️ is one of the few things that deliver actual results. I will absolutely be incorporating the Serum into my routine permanently. 

Read more about Pump Haircare and shop the entire range here.


Rose Garnett

Hi Maxene, Great question! If you head over to, they will be able to help you out. GP x

Maxene Imbruglia

Hi. Can you tell me how long one lot of Pump lasts if used daily?


I am interested in learning more about your product

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