In life, two things seem to motivate a major haircut: a bad breakup and the start of a new year.

In my case, I’m happily loved up so it’s the latter.

The mane man responsible for my recent chop is my hairstylist Remington Schulz at Sydney’s Edwards & Co.

Remington has cut my hair for well over five years now and I completely trust him.

Finding a hair stylist you trust is absolutely necessary.

When you go see a hairstylist, you’re giving him or her a position of power unlike anybody else. A hairstylist has, in 60 minutes, the ability to turn a person’s mood around — to actually make them feel really good and boost their self esteem. When you find The One, you’ll have thoughts like “I trust you to make me feel good”. A person can leave thinking, “That looks awesome. No roots; I don’t see any grey; my hair is straight; that curl is perfect; I love you.”

This is why I didn’t flinch when Remington told me it was time to take a good three or so inches off — the shortest my hair has been in probably six or more years. I trust him.

“This elongated yet blunt bob is huge at the moment,” says Schulz. With me, Remington is completely honest. “I love your hair shorter because you have a beautiful and petite face and the shorter length highlights your features,” he says.

But, it seems it’s not just me that this hair cut suits. “It looks best on heart-, square- and oval-shaped faces,” advises Schulz. “This is what makes it so versatile.”

Case in point: Lara Bingle. In Australia at least, her new ‘do (created by Valonz’s Travis Balcke) sent women into a frenzy, dialling their hairstylists faster than fingers could filter a photo on Instagram. “This cut looks great on Lara because of her square face. Because it’s so versatile with different face shapes, lot of people can pull this look off,” explains Schulz. “It’s also easy to style. The ends can vary at the front to give the illusion of length while shortening them at the back to suit each individual client.”

Schulz’s advice for women who are thinking of going short but are scared? “Go for it!”

“Remember: hair does grow back but when you do get a big cut, you get the chance to revise your wardrobe and see your makeup in a different light,” says Schulz. The best time, however, to go for the big chop is when you’re really ready. “For some, this can be when something significant has happened in life and a drastic change in hair can be the best way to liberate oneself and embrace the situation.”

To ensure you get the hair cut you’re 100 per cent happy with, Schulz advises making the time for a consultation before your appointment. “Just ask the receptionist to add an extra 15 minutes onto your appointment. This time between you and your hairstylist to talk is key.”

Lastly, bring photos, photos, photos. “This will allow your hairstylist to be completely on your wave length.” That way, everyone — namely you and your beloved hairstylist — win.



I've literally gone for the same!! Nadine xxx


Looks amazing!

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