Sometimes life can be complicated. But, your hair shouldn’t be.

Essentially, your hair care should be kept very black and white: just four easy-to-use products which clean, condition, treat and style your strands.

Enter eponymous hair care brand, David Mallett.

Born in Australia but now based in Paris, Mallett – who calls Kate Winslet, Natalie Portman and Diane Kruger some of his regular clients – is considered some what of a visionary. And boy, does the man know hair. Mallett’s self-styling range focuses specifically on regenerating the hair, restoring its moisture and eliminating, well, any unnecessary hassles.

Developed in a state-of-the-art laboratory in France, David Mallett hair care uses only the highest-quality active ingredients. It’s also fragrance-free meaning it’s suitable for even the most sensitive of hair and scalps.

1. David Mallett No. 1 L’Hydration Shampoo This luxurious formula prepares the hair to absorb moisture (otherwise known as conditioner) by opening up the hair cuticle. Giving good lather, this sleek and sophisticated number will effectively clean hair while still nourishing thanks to added macadamia oil.

2. David Mallett No. 1 L’Hydration Conditioner Your conditioner is considered the work horse of your hair care. It’s sole purpose is to penetrate deeply and lock in moisture. This particular one contains a powerful vegetable protein, which intensely hydrates the hair without weighing it down. Simple yet effective.

3. David Mallett Hair Serum #DM027 If you think your hair doesn’t need a serum, think again. Like face serums, hair serums are a potent cocktail of active ingredients. Unlike other products, this serum doesn’t leave a coating or film on the hair and it even has the triple effect of boosting shine, taming fly aways and defining curls all at the same time.

4. David Mallett Spray No. 2 Le Volume Like a fresh manicure, hair styling products are the finishing touches to your look. The trick is finding one that doesn’t leave your head looking like a helmet – or feeling as heavy as one too. Meet David Mallett Spray No. 2 Le Volume. Perfect for fine hair, this lightweight fluid is crafted using nori seaweed extract and Vitamins A, B and C. It provides serious volume and bounce without leaving strands feeling crunchy.

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