Why You Should Think Twice Before Partaking In This Season’s Biggest Hair Trend

From someone who’s been there.

Fringes are having a moment right now. Personally, I blame Daisy Edgar-Jones. When the hotly anticipated small screen adaption of Sally Rooney’s best-selling novel Normal People debuted in April, it was a runaway success. Despite lockdown and the world seemingly grinding to a halt, Edgar-Jones’ face was everywhere – magazines, newspapers, TV, you name it. And the hard-to-miss accessory adorning her delicate features? A perfectly groomed fringe. 

A combination of boredom and perpetual enthusiasm to jump on a beauty wagon meant that within weeks of seeing Edgar-Jones’ mug on TV, I too had a fringe. Do I regret it? No. Has it been a journey? Yes.

Every year, Monique McMahon, Founder and Colour Director of QUE Colour, sees a surge in popularity for fringes during winter and yes, this year, Edgar-Jones has been one of the main inspirations. “Fringes are the best way to shake up your hair if you don’t want to change your colour or the length of your hair,” McMahon shares. “The full front fringe is timeless but be prepared to blow dry it daily to keep it in check.”

“The micro fringe is super on trend right now, especially for finer hair types and is best suited to those with naturally straight hair. Curtain bangs is the fringe option without the commitment; they suit any face shape and are flattering on almost anyone. You can start the curtain at the eyebrow, cheek or chin.”

For this Gritty Pretty shoot, hairstylist Chrissy Zemura prepped the fringe using O&M Style Guru ($31.95) before using a small round brush to blow dry the hair smooth. 

To blow dry a fringe properly, ensure it is wet or damp to begin with. Then, separate the fringe from the rest of your hair. 

For a full front fringe, place the brush under the hair and pull it forwards and down as you blow dry. If you’re a visual learner, watch this Violette tutorial from 0:20-1:20.

For curtain bangs, the process is slightly different. Start as above and then, once the hair has cooled, roll your fringe around the brush and pull it backwards, away from the face, blow drying as you go. This will give your hair a subtle flick away from your face.

Thinking about getting the chop? Here are 5 things you need to know: 

  1. Are you handy with a hairdryer? You’re going to need it. A fringe requires daily dedication.
  2. Some days it will sit just right. 
  3. Some days, no matter what you do, it will look shit. That’s just how the cookie crumbles.
  4. If you’re not sure about the length you want, take it slow. Go for the longer version of the two and try it on for size – a coward’s fringe, if you will. After a few days, if you are enjoying your fringe moment and want to go shorter, you can always go back to the salon for a trim.
  5. It will require regular trims. Do you like your hairdresser? You’re going to be seeing him/her a lot.

Take this information and do with it what you will. 

Do you have a fringe? Do you love it? Hate it? Have any hot tips? Tell us in the comment section below.


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