How To Make Your Salon Hair Colour Last

You’ve just spent $300 on a fresh colour and blow-dry at your favourite hair salon – or a new salon you’ve found approved and listed in Gritty Pretty’s Little Black Book of Beauty – and boy, does your hair look fresssssh.

However, just a few days later your colour starts to lose its vibrancy. With each shampoo and shower you take at home, it starts to become more and more lacklustre. The shine begins to fade, brassiness sets in faster than you can say, “Game of Thrones is back!” and before too long you find yourself losing the spark your beloved colourist Kelly gave you.

“When it comes to extending your salon colour, the key is to maintain your hair colour yourself at home,” says Moroccanoil Global Colourist, Lori Goddard. Think about it for a second – when you get a facial, peel or light therapy treatment, you don’t go home and start slapping any ol’ thing onto your skin, do you? No, of course not. You invest in quality skin care products, which when used regularly keeps your skin cells hydrated, complexion glowing and protected from any UV damage.

Goddard says the same principles need thus apply to hair. Using a shampoo and conditioner every second day is compulsory to keep your colour looking fresh. Enter Moroccanoil Colour Continue Shampoo and it’s perfect partner Colour Continue Conditioner, which both form a protective shield to minimise colour wash out while rebuilding your hair’s natural keratin stucture to lock colour inside. In fancy terms, both of these use an ionic delivery system that both seals and repairs the hair and infuses argan oil into the cortex.

But, like any face mist that revitalises and rehydrates, so too does Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray – your new bathroom essential. Applied to wet hair, this protection spray is the last step in making your colour go the extra mile by protecting it from daily environmental factors that weaken the hair. This prevention spray is packed with antioxidants (AKA all of the good stuff) to neutralise even the most aggressive free radicals generated by UV, pollution and other environmental stressors. Plus, it also contains sunscreens to help absorb UV rays and thermal protection against heat from your hair-dryer or curling wand. For anyone with coloured hair, this trio is your new go-to.

We’ve got to agree with Goddard (who is after all responsible for colouring the hair of the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Elizabeth Olsen). “As women, when we we invest so much into our self care, it makes sense to make the money we spend on our salon visits work harder for us so you can extend the period inbetween appointments – giving you back time to do the things you love.”

Ain’t that the truth.

Disclaimer: With thanks to Moroccanoil, Gritty Pretty travelled to Los Angeles to meet and interview Moroccanoil Global Colourist, Lori Goddard.


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