So You Just Spent $300+ On Your Salon Hair Colour – Here’s How To Make It Last

We’re not made of money.

You best believe that if we pay top dollar for something, we want to get our money’s worth. Take our hair: we’re willing to spend on a quality colour job (we subscribe to the theory that you wear your hair every day, so it’s worth the investment), but there’s something heartbreaking about washing your hair after spending a day at the salon and knowing you’re undoing all that good work. Sob. There are a couple of things we (and you) can do to hold on to that colour a little longer – colourist Tracey Cunningham (she works with Emma Stone, who always gives good colour) shares.

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Sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners are not a marketing gimmick—use them! “These won’t strip your hair colour and will ensure it lasts a lot longer between each salon visit,” explains Cunningham. “Another mistake I find is that women don’t ‘live’ with their colour for long enough—embrace your new/refreshed colour for a while, especially if you’ve made a clear change, and decide on your next visit whether you want to push the envelope a little, or a lot, further.”

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Make a treatment part of your me-time. “Using Olaplex No.3 Home Treatment at least once per week will keep your colour lustrous,” advises Cunningham (she’s an Olaplex international ambassador). “All my gorgeous clients have been using Olaplex for some years now—it is a real game changer for those who have frequent colouring without compromising your hair.” Also, rethink your shower head: “I absolutely believe a filter in your shower head will reduce the amount of gritty mineral deposits and colour stripping.”

Do some crafty concealing. “When your time between salon appointments is just about up, use a root touch-up kit,” suggests Cunningham.

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Tell us, how do you maintain your hair colour at home?

Do you have any favourite products?


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