The biggest buzzword in the beauty world – oil – is not only transforming skin but also hair.

From limp, fine strands to dry, coarse curls, everyone can benefit from its nourishing properties.

Aside from being weightless, non-greasy and strengthening each strand internally and on the surface, hair oils are also work brilliantly as a styling product.

Enter Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment with its luxurious blend of African macadamia oil.

This particular elixir helps lend a smoother, shinier finish when applied to damp, pre-blow dried hair. It also helps to rejuvenates limp locks by instantly replenishing your hair’s natural lipids.

But what really sets this liquid gold apart is its effect on dry hair, leaving it feeling silky and smooth without weighing it down or creating any build-up. Heck, it’s so multi-purpose you can even add one pump to your favourite conditioner for a seriously nourishing mask.

Do you use a hair oil?

If so, which one do you recommend?

You can shop Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment here.

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I just use organic Argan oil - light, nourishing, simple and works a treat!


Hi J, I have thin hair but LOTS of it. My hair is also naturally very straight so I generally let it air dry. Hope that helps. E X


my hair is really long and want to get it cut like yours. Is your hair thick or thin? can u upload the picture of your hair when its still wet? Do you let air dry or blow it?

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