Oversized coats and sharp monotone silhouettes are one of the first things to notice about this strong Crash editorial. Equal to that, though, is the hair. We sat down with Anthony Nader, the man behind the mane to get the lowdown.

“The inspiration behind the hair was to really highlight the softness and the floatiness of the models tresses juxtaposed with the garments she is wearing,” says Nader who runs RAW Hair salon in Sydney.

“The jackets and coats are especially heavy and very architectural, which is why I wanted to have such a loose, floating feeling with hair. And of course, when you add the black and white images with desaturated images, the whole package of beautiful strong looks comes to life in a effortless way.”


1.       On damp hair, squeeze a size of a ten cent piece of curling balm into your palms and then with both hands, scrunch the product into your mid lengths and ends all over.

2.       Part your hair (where you naturally part it) and section the top half away with a clip.

3.       Take chunky 6cm sections of hair starting at your temples and rake your strands smooth with your fingers. Then, wind or twist backwards to the middle of your head.

4.       Now do the same on the other side, winding away from the face into the middle.

5.      Unclip the top half and pull it along with the chunky sections back.

6.       Attach a diffuser to the end of your hairdryer — this will now mould your new found textured waves, rather than blowing your hair strands around in a frenzy.

7.       To finish, scrunch your dry hair in the palms of your hands to loosen up the hair — this will give the strands more freedom to move.


ANTHONY NADER’S TIP: “If you want that extra wow factor, go over your tresses with your large hot tongs and only wrap the mid lengths and also in a random way so it keeps the “casualness” in the end result but also giving a longer lasting style.”



Hair by Anthony Nader - CRASH MAGAZINE [FRANCE] -1


Hair by Anthony Nader - CRASH MAGAZINE [FRANCE] -2


Hair by Anthony Nader - CRASH MAGAZINE [FRANCE] -3


Hair by Anthony Nader - CRASH MAGAZINE [FRANCE] -4


Hair by Anthony Nader - CRASH MAGAZINE [FRANCE] - 5


Hair by Anthony Nader - CRASH MAGAZINE [FRANCE] -6


Photography: Dan Smith for Crash Magazine


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