There are two things we need in the world: world peace and perfect beach waves.

The truth is, both take a lot of work — the latter being the bane of our beauty existence.

As not all hair types are created equal, one spritz, spray or potion could be the difference between a big ‘ol salty mess, or looking like Gisele.

I decided to get to the root of the issue (sorry!) and showcase The Universal Secret (which is no longer a secret) to achieve perfectly imperfect beach waves.

Enter SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist – a Swedish hair styling product, which gives piecey, touchable waves without leaving that horrible crunchy feeling.

To create beach waves (without getting sand stuck between your toes), follow this how-to:

1. Apply a heat protecting spray to dry hair.

2. Tong sections of hair using ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand. Don’t worry if your sections aren’t all the same size – you don’t have to be too perfect.

3. Brush curls out using a soft bristle brush like Mason Pearson.

4. Spritz SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist all over roots, mid-lengths and ends. Flip your head upside down and massage your scalp using your fingers. Flip back over for voluminous, textured tresses.

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