August 30, 2022

You Invest In Your Skincare—Here’s Why Your Hair Care Is Just As Important!

by DANIELLE GAY - In partnership with Guerlain

Your hair (and scalp) needs love too.

Think about the last serum you bought, were gifted, or added to your David Jones wish-list. I’m betting it was at least three figures. Now, consider the last time you invested in high-quality hair care. It’s likely you haven’t. Don’t worry, even as Gritty Pretty’s Beauty Director, I’m right there with you—I’ve been known to drop $300 on a face serum but when it comes to my hair, I’m not quite as discerning. It’s so easy to stock up on your favourite shampoo and conditioner and leave it at that; conversely, we’re often quite clued-up on the skincare ingredients we know perform well and are more willing to invest in those without a second thought. But the truth is, we’ve been doing it wrong: it’s equally important to invest in your hair care.

First things first: the facts. Your scalp is an extension of your face. In other words? It’s skin! Surprisingly, it’s even more delicate than the skin on our face and it also has more sweat glands to contend with. Throw in the hair follicles and it’s easy to see how we’ve been neglecting the skin on our scalp. It’s time to introduce a multi-step hair care routine that rivals that of our skincare regimen. 

The good news is there’s one product you can start with today that will immediately lift the health of your hair: Guerlain Scalp & Hair Youth Oil-In-Serum. I’ve recently introduced it into my hair care routine and it’s made a world of difference. Guerlain Scalp & Hair Youth Oil-In-Serum is a beautifully rich oil serum which can be used daily on dry or damp hair. I’ve personally been using it in the morning on dry hair before styling—the beautiful amber bottle comes with a soft-touch pipette applicator, meaning you can easily squeeze your desired amount into the scalp section by section. 

Guerlain Scalp & Hair Youth Oil-In-Serum is a new addition to the brand’s Abeille Royale range, which fuses the power of science with the natural benefits of bees and honey. Guerlain is going back to its roots with this release—did you know haircare is part of the heritage of Guerlain? The French house had a hair product in its original line-up in 1828 so they truly are experts in this space.

Guerlain Scalp & Hair Youth Oil-In-Serum includes concentrated Dynamic Blackbee Repair Technology and is enriched with Black Bee Honey from Ouessant Island off the coast of France. These power-packed ingredients are proven to triple the scalp’s vitality which increases overall hair health. Guerlain has conducted studies which have shown a correlation between scalp health and hair health to prove the Oil-In-Serum increases the hair fibre resistance fivefold for visibly thicker hair. 

After daily application, I’ve noticed an increase in the strength and shine of my hair. Don’t let the word “oil” frighten you—it really is more of a serum texture and is completely non-greasy so perfect for daily use. Aside from the visible benefits it’s offering my hair, using the Scalp & Hair Youth Oil-In-Serum is a truly sensorial experience. The decadent smell of honey (supported by 97% naturally derived ingredients) remains in the hair all day and the lengths feel incredibly conditioned without being weighed down.

And because it’s not an either/or scenario, I’ve been supporting my beauty routine with Guerlain Abeille Royale Advanced Double R Serum, an iconic skincare serum the House of Guerlain is relaunching in August 2022. The new Guerlain Abeille Royale Advanced Double R Serum is an advanced formulation that has increased efficacy and performance to repair and renew the skin. Like the hair serum, this facial serum is infused with the power of bees and the radiance-restoring benefits of honey. The Dynamic Blackbee Repair Technology encourages cell turnover for smoother and brighter skin, while the formula is also instilled with AHAs and PHAs which support a radiant complexion.

To experience the innovation of Guerlain’s Abeille Royale range, visit David Jones. Let’s shift the focus on hair care as an afterthought but rather a considered step in a woman’s beauty regimen.

You can shop Guerlain Scalp & Hair Youth Oil-In-Serum here and Guerlain Abeille Royale Advanced Double R Serum here.


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