May 23, 2023

The 5 Best Hair Brushes To Suit Every Hair Type

All hair is unique and finding your holy grail hairbrush can be tricky–so we’re here to help!

Have you had the same hairbrush for what seems like 10 years? Because, well, same. Like me, you also may not have put much thought into the hairbrush you use (until now, that is!). Using a brush specific to your hair type or your styling desires can have big benefits. Just as there are different makeup brushes to achieve different make up effects, there are different hair brushes suited to different styles and hair types too! From boar bristle brushes (best for bringing life to thin hair) to paddle brushes (best for taming thick hair) and even teasing brushes (to bring volume to fine or textured hair), there really is a hairbrush to suit everyone. 

We also can’t forget the overall benefits of brushing your hair–surprisingly it’s not all about detangling and smoothing. Regular brushing can help to condition the hair by disbursing natural oils from the scalp down the hair strands, as well as promoting hair growth. Of course, brushing also helps remove strands that have become loose thanks to our body’s natural shedding cycle. So, it’s even more important to find a hairbrush that works for you. However, don’t get too carried away as over-brushing can cause split ends and we don’t want that! 

Here, we breakdown the best hair brushes to suit every hair type. So, when you’re looking to replace that 10-year-old brush (I know I will be), you’ll know exactly what to look for.

BEST FOR THICK HAIR: Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

What to Know: Paddle brushes are what you want to look for when trying to tackle thick hair. This Wooden Paddle Brush from Aveda is the brand’s best seller for a reason. It features longer than usual bristles to aid in detangling which, in turn, reduces stress on the hair and scalp. What’s better is that it also comes in a mini version so you can pop it in your handbag and take it everywhere with you!  

What Reviews Say: Light and comfortable to use, great for detangling while providing a gentle scalp massage and zero pull to the hair when brushing. Exceptional quality with a few customers noting they’ve had the brush for years and all bristles are intact. We love to read it! 


What to Know: If you have thin or flat hair, you want to look for a soft boar bristle brush like this RAINCRY Condition Paddle Brush. Although she’s a little (or a lot) bougie, when it comes to our hair health it’s worth the splurge. Especially if you plan on keeping it for 10 years like your old brush, right? Boar bristles help to maintain a tangle-free mane without pulling or causing damage due to their gentler nature. Boar bristled brushes can also be used to tease the hair at the root to create more volume in flat hair.  This RAINCRY brush is especially suited to thin hair types as the soft bristles may find it difficult to get through thicker hair.

What Reviews Say: Leaves the hair feeling soft and shiny, without the static that some boar brushes can leave behind. Impressive quality and perhaps, most importantly, worth the price! 

BEST FOR DAMAGED HAIR: O&M The Detangler Brush

What to Know: If your hair needs a little TLC, you want to use a brush that is gentle and less likely to cause breakage or any further damage. In particular, look for a brush that has flexible bristles so they bend with your hair, like this O&M Detangler Brush. It has ball-tipped bristles that are flexible and designed to detangle without any unnecessary tugging. 

What Reviews Say: Ideal for wet or dry detangling, the bristles are firm yet gentle enough to comb through hair without any pull. The brush is affordable and perfect for knotty or damaged hair that’s prone to breakage.

BEST FOR CURLY & FRIZZ PRONE HAIR: Denman Medium Classic Styling Brush 7 Row

What to Know: Curly hair girlies will benefit from a brush with wider-set bristles and one that will leave your hair frizz-free. This Denman Medium Classic Styling Brush is a classic for this very reason! It features nylon pins and an anti-static rubber pad that delivers a frizz-free do. The brush creates just the right amount of tension through the hair to perfect your natural curl pattern and is excellent for wet curl definition in particular. 

What Reviews Say: Works flawlessly to define natural curls, however is best left for styling rather than everyday use. The brush helps to control frizz, creates more bouncy curls and can be disassembled easily for cleaning. Immediately adding to cart!

What to Know: Textured hair often requires delicate handling, with brushing and detangling having a big impact on breakage if not done with care. If you’re looking to detangle, a gentle brush like the Denman one above would work best, whereas if you’re going for a slick do, a boar bristle brush should be used, like the RAINCRY above. However, for volumising, it’s another story yet again! To maintain volume, a quality hair pick is what you’re after. The PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross hair pick features extra-long pins to assist in adding volume, lengthen coils and curls, as well as helping to shape. 

What Reviews Say: Easily volumises the roots as well as gives life to the hair. Adds volume and is effective in detangling without tearing the hair due to its longer than usual prongs. 


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