No Sweat: Behind the Anti Humidity Hair Trend

These days you can’t swing a ponytail inside Priceline without hitting an anti-humidity product. But what’s their deal? And do they even work? We spoke to some hair gods to find out.

Anyone who’s ever holidayed in Bali will understand the abject fear that humidity strikes into the hearts – and hair follicles – of us beauty lovers. Mention the word to a curly-haired friend and it’s enough to send them quivering to the corner in the fetal position. It’s no surprise then that hair companies have cottoned on, and responded with a deluge of anti-humidity and anti-frizz products.

But the thing is, both frizz and humidity are not new concepts (as any north Queenslander will tell you), so why is it now raining product? Richi Grisillo, Session Stylist and Creative Director for Academie Salon and Wella Professional says it follows all the recent hair trends: “lately there had been a huge drive towards a ‘glass-like’ finish to hair that has an element of flawlessness… a huge shift away from the messy, dry textured hair we’ve seen for years,” he says. 


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Products clockwise from left: Kevin Murphy Smooth.Again Anti-Frizz Treatment, Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray, Living Proof Humidity Shield.


So if it’s a trend is it something we need in our life? Well, that will depend on both your hair type and where you live (or, like to holiday). Hair is porous, which means liquid – or in this case moisture – can penetrate it, which is how the frizz begins. But interestingly, it’s actually dry (typically chemically treated or curly) hair that gets hit the most. Joey Scandizzo, Co-Creative Director ELEVEN Australia saysthere are many different reasons for frizzing hair, but the main one is due to a lack of moisture which can make it more susceptible to humidity.” 

Want more? Continue reading in the Summer 2020 issue of Gritty Pretty Magazine.



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