These Anti-Ageing Hairstyles Are Better Than Botox

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Beauty ruts. We’ve all been there. If you’ve been playing the same hairstyle on repeat for longer than you can remember, it might be time to try something new. The best part? You could take off five years in the process. 

Many women (and some men) look to Botox to reverse the effects of ageing – but what if we told you that we knew three simple hairstyles that could wind back the clock, no injectables required? Turns out, the secret to a youthful glow is equal parts skin care and haircare. Armed with the right insider knowledge (that’s where Gritty Pretty comes in) and the right tools (hello, Alterna Haircare), you can step out of your beauty rut with the confidence of a woman who knows her hair looks pretty damn good.

Ever wanted to mimic that post-salon feeling? A standard salon standard blow dry is always “bouncy, glossy and full” says hairdresser and Alterna Haircare expert, Dee Parker Attwood. “There’s a lot of volume and it has a lot of bounce when you walk. It just looks beautiful.” 

As we age, so does our hair. In addition to greying, the texture of our hair changes (becoming more wiry) as does its density (resulting in thinning and less volume). A classic blow dry reverses these signs of ageing to reinstate volume and give hair a youthful bounce. 

To recreate the look at home, start by shampooing your hair twice and applying just a dollop of conditioner from the mid-lengths to ends. Post-shower, Parker Attwood recommends adding a volume-boosting product: “My favourite is the Alterna CAVIAR Anti-Aging Multiplying VOLUME Styling Mousse; it needs to be applied from the roots to ends. Then, apply Alterna CAVIAR Anti-Aging Replenishing MOISTURE CC Cream just on the ends – it helps with getting knots out and makes hair shiny and soft.”

To blow dry, flip your head over and dry until it’s 80 per cent done – this helps add lift. “You don’t want to style your hair from saturated for two reasons – firstly, it takes too long and secondly, it causes more damage because you’re going over and over the hair.” Then, section the hair into quarters. Using a round brush, pull and roll as you dry to create a youthful bounce.

When you’re running late and time isn’t on your side, a low bun is the easiest way to look polished and professional. This sleek and shiny style is to hair what highlighter is to the face: an instant pick me up. 

“This is excellent day two hair,” says Parker Attwood. “Day one hair is fresh, bouncy and clean. Day two is when you go for a bun or ponytail.” The hair’s natural oils mean it’s more likely to behave and stay in place for longer. 

To get the look at home, no wash is required. (Win!) Instead, just add a little Alterna CAVIAR Anti-Aging Replenishing MOISTURE CC Cream all over, including the roots. “Then, I would use a bristle brush to brush the hair back and CAVIAR Anti-Aging PROFESSIONAL STYLING High Hold Finishing Spray to secure all the wispy flyaway pieces.”

They say a change is as good as a holiday. While a middle part is the default for many, a side part can create the impression of added length, particularly if you have a round face shape. “It gives you height,” Parker Attwood shares. 

“The best way to find your side part is to brush the hair back and push it forward. It will naturally split where it wants to part. Then, use a fine toothed comb to tidy up the part.”

Using Alterna products to air dry your hair, you can embrace your natural texture (without frizziness) and add shine. “Alterna CAVIAR Anti-Aging PROFESSIONAL STYLING Rapid Blowout Balm helps the hair dry quicker when you blow dry – but you can use it with a little bit of the Alterna CAVIAR Anti-Aging Replenishing MOISTURE CC Cream and let it dry naturally.” Run both the products through the mid-lengths to ends. “It’ll encourage the natural texture of the hair and let the waves come into it. Obviously, it’s much healthier for your hair because you’re not putting heat on it.”

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