4 Fashion Influencers, 1 Hair Treatment

Let’s face it – we all want good hair.

The reality is healthy hair starts at your scalp. So, take a minute today to check in with your noggin—when was the last time you two really connected? Go on, really think about it.

If you’ve experienced any flaking over the last couple of months or so, it’s possible your scalp is dry and crying out for some TLC. Sure, dandruff shampoo might help, but it might not—dandruff is an indicator of dry scalp, but can also be caused by tonnes of other things like product build-up, or fungal infections. Gross, yes, but treatable. Alternatively, if you’ve been wondering why your scalp is super oily or perhaps even sensitive but your hair is dry, brittle and breaking, don’t stress because you are not alone—and your concerns are not unheard.

The clever people at Kérastase Paris – the masters of scalp and hair care – have created a new scalp specific in-salon treatment and four new at-home hair care regimens as part of their iconic Spécifique range.

Much like a skin expert tends to your face and prescribes a regimen of suited cleansers, moisturisers and masks, a Kérastase hair expert can provide you with a personalised diagnosis and solutions for common scalp concerns when you pop into the salon for your usual colour and cut.

Gritty Pretty enlisted four influential women – Harper & Harley’s Sara Donaldson, Badland’s Talisa Sutton, fashion influencer Brooke Testoni and the über cool Pepa Mack – who struggled with this perfectly quotidian human problem and had them put their heads on the chopping block and trial Kérastase Paris Specifique.


The salon consultation consists of three steps:

It starts with the identification of your scalp concerns with the use of Kérastase’s diagnostic camera (which looks like a very, very clever and compact iPhone). The camera analyzes your scalp and hair follicles and identifies dehydration, oiliness and dryness. Impurities are then removed from the scalp with Kérastase Spécifique Masquargil – a clay mask that unclogs pores and eliminates oil, sweat and icky stuff.

Once your scalp concerns are identified by the diagnostic camera (hello – and goodbye – hair loss or thinning, dandruff discomfort or scalp sensitivity), a hair care professional will then treat your head of hair to Spécifique Bain shampoo, followed by Spécifique Masque Hydra-Apaisant conditioner, and if required, one of three treatment Spécifique Cures.


A couple of minutes under the camera lens and you’ll be able to confirm: hair density, symptoms of hair loss, sensitivity, sebum/oiliness, dandruff and dryness. The best part? You’ll be able to stamp out those pesky issues in their tracks.



Designed to address individual scalp concerns, Kérastase’s four at-home hair care solutions will provide correction and protection caused by factors such as place of work, exercise routine, regular haircare regime and general health. The short of it? You will go home armed with the tools so you no longer have to worry about your hair health. #winning

Sponsored by: Kérastase Paris.

Photography: Ana Suntay-Tañedo.

Makeup: Ania Milczarczyk.

Hair: Stewart Foreman / District Salon.

Shot on location at District Salon.


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