How To Make Coloured Eyeshadow Cool

Coloured eyeshadow, in theory, may seem like an easy feat but can easily go from 0 to 100 real quick.

It’s also likely just that little bit OTT for your average daily wear. But fret not, for bold hues don’t have to be complex—and you definitely don’t have to recreate a ten-step, five-shade YouTube tutorial to wear it well. 

In fact, colour tends to look much more effortless and undone when applied simply but thoughtfully. To show us how to make colour cool—and how to best wear bright—here’s makeup artist Katie Angus. 


“I think it’s important to remember that there are no real rules with makeup,” says Angus. “Treat your colour application with the light-hearted attitude it deserves.” If it’s an editorial-like statement that you’re after, she suggests opting for one colour all-over: “A bold wash of colour with little detail swept across the upper lid will offer a simple and striking effect.” For a more effortless look, don’t be too precise with your application, blending only the edges to create a seamless effect. If you’re unsure of which colour to try, opt for a cobalt blue, shares Angus. “It tends to compliment most eye colours beautifully.” We love MAC Eyeshadow in Atlantic Blue.





Not one to play it safe? Angus suggests experimenting with a graphic coloured liner. “A classic feline flick is one of my favourite ways to introduce a bit of colour into a look,” explains Angus. “Kat Von D liquid liners offer an amazing colour range and are my go-to.” If you don’t have your desired hue on hand, take one of your favourite shadows and mix with water or setting spray, and create your winged eye using an angled eye brush. Taking your look to the evening? “Bright colours teamed with lip gloss will always create a stand-out effect for any party look,” she says. Better yet, elevate your look with clear gloss over your coloured powder eyeshadow, such as the Kevyn Aucoin Diamond Eye Gloss“Expect some maintenance to be involved but it will be worth it!,” says Angus.

If you’re colour-averse, it’s important to note that coloured eyeshadow doesn’t necessarily have to be a major makeup statement—in fact, the right colour done well can just elevate your everyday makeup. “To make the most of your eye colour with use of more subtle shades, try deep blue or aqua for brown eyes, purple hues for green eyes and a peach or bronze for blue eyes,” shares Angus. “I also love purple tones with blue eyes; I always play to see what colours work with each individual.” A cream eyeshadow, such as rms beauty Eye Polish in Lucky, is also a sure-fire way to add this subtle hint of colour. If you’re worried you have gone overboard, sheer out the colour with a dusting of bronzer, which will help to dial down the hue. But, if ultimately you prefer to stick to neutral eyeshadows, “try a blue or green eyeliner such as the Marc Jacobs Gel Crayon Eyeliner in the inner rim,” advises Angus. “This will give a cool but still subtle effect.”

Tell us, how often do you use coloured eyeshadow?

Which of these ways of applying colour to the eyes will you try next?


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