How To Ace Glossy Eyeshadow Like A Pro

It’s perfect for party season.

Glossy eyeshadow. It’s one of those makeup looks you screenshot on the ‘gram and pin to your Pinterest board, but probably haven’t yet tried it for three reasons; 1) it’s the makeup equivalent of committing to a New Year’s resolution—you need to own it 2) it can be a little messy (read: sticky), and 3) let’s be honest; it falls into the too-tricky-to-try basket for every day wear.

But, with NYE upon us and a myriad of social functions to attend, there’s no time like the present to try it at home. Here, makeup artist Isabelle De Vries tells us how…

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Just like we recommend a primer to prolong the life of your foundation, the same rule applies for your eye makeup, so stock up. Steer clear of slippery or hydrating formulas, and opt for something like Smashbox Photo Finish 24 Hour Eye Shadow Primer or M.A.C Cosmetics Pro Longwear Paint Pots. These crease-proof formulas work to ensure the longevity of regular powder eyeshadow, so as you can imagine, they’re an absolute non-negotiable for glossy eyes.

Then, add your coloured shadow of choice. You can use any type of eyeshadow—just steer clear of any chunky glitter particles as they will move once the gloss is applied. The good news is that a gloss top coat will “intensify any colours, making them appear deeper and brighter,” says De Vries.

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Now, the fun part. Firstly, find a formula that isn’t sticky, explains De Vries, as any stickiness will only increase when you are opening and closing your eyes. The good news is you probably already have something you can use as the gloss already sitting in your makeup bag—De Vries recommends Egyptian Magic Cream All Purpose Skin Cream, or even good old Vaseline. “For a dewy looking lid, I like to use my finger and pat it over the entire lid, or for a super wet look, apply it with a small flat concealer brush in a thick layer,” she says, which will also help to give a more precise finish. “I also recommend leaving a small gap between the gloss and the upper lash line to prevent it from running down [into your lashes],” she adds.

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Of course, the rest of your makeup needs to fall in line. Steer clear of overly luminous skin—all that glow and gloss might lead you into disco ball territory—and instead, opt for a satin finish to your foundation. “I’m not a fan of overly matte skin, and this way you’ll see a beautiful contrast between the glossy eye and fresh skin,” says De Vries.

Tell us—will you be attempting the glossy eye?


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