6 Beauty Appointments To Schedule Before Your Wedding Day

Consider this your pre-wedding check list. Optional, of course – but everything is laid out so you can navigate this whole “pre-wedding beauty routine” situation with some confidence and more importantly know when to start.

Counting down to your big day? Here, in chronological order, is who you’ve gotta call for all your beauty needs before time’s up.


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When to start? Approximately one year out for straightening, and three weeks out for professional whitening.
Cost: $$$ – $$$$.
Info: You’d do well to get in early to see a cosmetic dentist. In your one on one consultation, discuss the different treatments available, what maintenance is involved, costs (including payment plans that can lessen the burden of upfront payments) and the entire timeline. Whether it’s Invisalign that can take upwards of 6 months and cost in the thousands, or teeth whitening that can lead to some immediate sensitivity, having time on your side is invaluable here.



When to start? Six to eight months before (but ideally, one year out).
Cost: $$ – $$$$.
Info: Be prepared for a waiting list – all the good brow stylists are booked up to their er, eyebrows – and a few months of growing out your brows may be required. Avoid jumping into brow threading or feathering – you might not even be eligible for these, so check first and find out what kind of maintenance is required. Finally, as a personal preference, ask for tweezing over waxing for tailored, precise shaping. Your facial features aren’t the same as the next person, nor should you brows be.


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When to start? Six months before (so you get at least six skin turnover cycles).
Cost: $$$–$$$$.
Info: Allocate most of your spare change here as it will be required – but also because you should. Do your research and book a consultation at a reputable skincare clinic. This is the best time to share those deep-seated skin concerns you’ve been putting off (pigmentation, acne, dullness etc.) and get a customised treatment plan from a trained expert. For brides, this typically involves a course of brightening chemical peels in conjunction with LED light therapy treatments (alternating between red, white and blue wavelengths to target various depths of the skin). A single treatment will only deliver short-term results, so you’ll need to adhere to a program for maximum benefits.

… If your funds are capped (a wedding is exxxxpensive, we hear you!), still get a consultation and have a few LED light therapy treatments closer to the big day, but also get advice on an appropriate at-home regime. Skincare clinics often stock excellently active, high-performing cosmeceutical products that aren’t available in department stores or chemists, though these can cost a bomb. Instead, focus on the active ingredients being recommended, not necessarily the brand, and make your purchases accordingly, in-clinic or not.


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When to start? Trial one month out and do the real thing two to three days out.
Cost: $$.
Info: Fake tans aren’t too expensive these days (about $50 for a full body spray tan). If you’ve never done it before, professional ones last about a week, but there are tricks to stretch that out like daily moisturising and at-home tan extenders. Another thing to remember is that colour develops and darkens in the hours following application, and then gradually fades over the next couple of days at which point the fake-tan smell will also lessen. Day three is the sweet spot for most.


When to start? Three weeks before.
Cost: $$ – $$$
Info: Give yourself at least half a year to grow your hair out (hair grows roughly 15 cm a year). If your locks need a fresh colour do this no later than three weeks before so the colour has time to settle after a couple of washes. Your last trim or treatment should be done around then, too. Heaven forbid anything get snipped off prematurely.


When to start? One week to a couple of days before.
Cost: $$.
Info: There’s nothing like a mani/ pedi to make you feel instantly ready for any occasion. Get one as close to your wedding day as physically possible because, chipping. Here’s a handy story we wrote about the most popular nail shades as Sydney’s top salons if you’re having trouble deciding on the all-important colour.


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Last, but not least, even if you don’t book any of the above (which is fine), this beauty editor thinks you should at least treat yourself to a massage the day before your big day… just saying.

All the married ladies, tell us, what beauty treatment do you wish you had booked before your nuptials?



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