The Skin You’re In: Your Body Care Bible

Tall, short, plus-size, petite, lumpy, bumpy, covered in spots. Women (and men) come in all shapes and sizes. Any body is a good body, especially yours. Rather than waging a war against ourselves, let’s embrace our flaws – wobbly bits and all.

Some days, you roll out of bed feeling more confident than Oprah Winfrey. Other times, you need a little prep. If today falls into the latter category, a liberal application of body oil or quick hit of instant tan can help. Body care doubles as self-care – because you are, quite literally, taking care of yourself. Consider this your body care bible.

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Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

We’ll say it once, we’ll say it twice three times: to treat your body from tip to toe, you can’t skip a scrub. “Similar to dry body brushing, body scrubs will buff away dead, rough skin cells,” says MECCA Retail Skincare Manager Lucy Shaw. “[It creates] a more vibrant appearance due to the increase in blood flow.” Le Labo’s Body Scrub (feat. sunflower seeds, safflower oil and coffee extracts) invigorates skin, thanks to its caffeine content. Exercise caution around the neck and chest as skin here is thinner and more fragile; Thankyou Botanical Grapefruit & Vanilla Salt Body Scrub is soft to touch and gentle enough to use all over.

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Brush It Out

When it comes to the benefits of dry brushing, it’s hard to know where to start. “I dry brush just as often as I brush my teeth – morning and night,” says Shaw. As a method of physical exfoliation, dry brushing buffs away dead skin cells, increases circulation and helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage. “By increasing circulation, your skin cells will receive more oxygen and the skin will be overall more radiant, brighter and healthy,” Shaw tells Gritty Pretty. Our dietary choices can lead to fluid retention – especially if you’re partial to the odd 3pm sugar hit or side of salty chips (who isn’t?). “Increasing lymphatic drainage is a great way to rid the body of toxins that can build up when we are not our healthiest selves.”

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To read more about how to care for the skin you’re in, click here to read the Autumn 2020 issue of Gritty Pretty Magazine.

The Autumn 2020 issue of Gritty Pretty Magazine.

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