It’s sad day when you forget to wear deodorant.

It’s an even sadder day when your deodorant leaves white marks on you black tops, sends you into a coughing fit or has you smelling more pungent than if you’d gone without. If this sounds familiar, you’ve likely sought out the alternative: natural deodorants.

Not you? Here’s why you might still want to consider using a natural deodorant every once in a while…

The reason why traditional anti-perspirants work so well is because they contain aluminium compounds which essentially plug your sweat glands and stop them from doing what they do best. While the evidence remains inconclusive, past reports have linked these compounds to breast cancer and suggested that when they’re absorbed into the bloodstream, it can lead to an increase in oestrogen and weaken the immune’s defences. More testing needs to be done, but it’s something to be aware of as research continues.

Keen to give natural deodorants a shot? Ahead are our favourites:


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