Turia Pitt: In The Makeup Chair

Rose 27th June, 2022

Hey Gritty Pretty. It’s Turia here. I’m in the makeup chair for the March cover shoot. I’ve got a next-level hair and makeup team, obviously! But while they’re doing their magic, I thought I’d just go through some of my favourite products with you. 

This is the makeup bag. I reckon it’s reasonably well organized. Like this is a cool feature. Look it zips all the way. I’ll unzip the other side for you. It’s not very clean, it doesn’t really look like it’s cared for very well, and let’s be honest, it’s not. So, this is one of my favourite products. I don’t know if it’s really a beauty product or a skincare product, but it’s Avène Thermal Spring Water. You can keep it in the fridge in summer and then like spray it on your face. It’s literally just water, but the Avène Spring Water. So, for me, I’ve got sensitive skin. It can get really red and irritated. So, I find it’s really calming on my skin. So maybe even in the morning, I’ll just put that on before I do anything else. 

Obviously, I feel the most physically beautiful when I’m in a hair and makeup chair with a team of artists and stylists and photographers and stuff, and not to get to saccharine though, I think when I’m with my kids and I’m playing with them and you know, Hakavai will say “you look really beautiful today mum”, and even if I’m just in pyjamas with no bra, I’ll feel good. So, I think yeah, those times. Or when the old husband gives me a pat on the ass and goes, “Oh, I like those, I like the squats you’ve been doing darl”. That’s maybe sexy, not so much beautiful. Yeah.

The next product, looking a little bit worse for wear, is the Avène Zero calm balm. This is a moisturiser, right? And I use it all over my body. Again, it’s really good for sensitive skin or if your skin or if your skin is really like dry and itchy. So, I use this all over my body, but I also use it on my face. So, this is excellent.

Honestly, for me, I don’t really do many beauty looks, so it’s definitely not a creative outlet. But for me, I think, if I was to do a speech in front of a large audience, and I rocked up, and I was wearing Ugg boots and I didn’t brush my hair, and I didn’t brush my teeth and I was wearing like a coffee-stained shirt, I probably wouldn’t feel as confident and like, let’s go get them. So I think for me, beauty and taking care of your skin and putting your best foot forward is about feeling confident as opposed to feeling beautiful. 

Okay this, this is a mascara. Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara. I think this is like vegan, all-natural, that sort of thing. I like it just because it’s a good mascara. And it doesn’t, I don’t get those weird, I don’t know what they call it the under eye buts. The flakes, I don’t get the flakes with this. So, it’s a good all-rounder and it’s easy to take off as well. ‘Cause that’s a part of mascara that I really hate, like really rubbing it off. So this.

It’s quite tough managing this mane, this glorious mane. It’s a job in itself. I’m really bad with my hair. So I normally just brush it and put it up in a clip and say, “come on kids, or we’re running late, get in the car now”. And then it’s all like hot and sweaty at the back of my neck. So I get a keratin treatment which helps with my hair, helps just to smooth it and I don’t blow dry it or style it or anything. It’s just me.

You’ve got a lot to learn. I’m here and I’m ready. A lot to learn. Don’t touch just look. It’s the It’s the Two Faced Pomade in a Pencil and this is really good because for me with brow pencils. I’m getting really serious now, I’m very passionate about this product. For me with brow pencils, if it’s like a pencil, sometimes it’s really hard on my skin and when I try and brush it on it almost…My makeup artist is laughing at me. Is there something funny Brad, something funny about me talking about my Pomade Pencil, is it. No, I love it! Okay, thank you!

I think as a mum, it’s hard to prioritize yourself, but I know that this is for me. That if I managed to find a window of time in my day whether that’s 20 minutes whether that’s two hours whatever it is, and I do something for myself and whether that thing for myself is going for a surf, going for a run, catching up with a girlfriend for a coffee. Whatever it is, if I try to do something for myself not every day but most of the days of the week, I feel happier, I feel energized, I feel more productive and I feel like I’m a better mom and a better partner. So I think, just having that bit of a me-time, It’s given you a bit of space in your day just for you. And I think that’s important to realize that you’re worthy, you’re worthy of your own time. 

This, this is an Hourglass Foundation Stick and if I want a little bit more coverage, I will use this and then I’ll just…my brushed obviously isn’t cleaned, but I guess you wouldn’t expect anything else from me. It’s good coverage and then I just blend it out with the brush. And is that an hourglass brush too? Yeah, it’s an Hour…it’s the brush that comes with, well it doesn’t come with it, you got to buy it as well.

I think as I’ve gotten older, I’m definitely taking more care of my skin, which is really, really good. If you’re, if you take care of your skin then you shouldn’t need too much foundation and concealer and all of that stuff. So that’s been a really good lesson. But my mum, as a kid always said to me “Turia, the best thing you can wear is a smile” and I hate to say it, but I think she’s right. ‘Cause I think when you smile at someone, you have a laugh, you make that connection with them, you build that rapport with them. So I think, yeah, probably my mum’s advice.

People recommend you do things with your eyelashes and they might fall out, or someone says “Hey, you’d look great with a fringe” and turns out you don’t look as good with a fringe as you thought you did. So I think all those little bits of advice, you know, it’s fun to try new things and to explore new options, but I feel like I’m old enough now to know what I like and what I don’t like. 

I don’t know if it’s so much that they inspire me, but I really admire my partner. He’s a very kind man. He always has time for people. He listens to people when they’re talking. And I think that’s a really, those are all really great qualities to have. And I think they’re the qualities that I’d love white boys to have as well. Did you learn a lot today? I did. Thank you! Bye! I’m out of here with my makeup bag.