Thelma Plum: In The Makeup Chair

Rose 27th June, 2022

[Thelma]: Hey, my name is Thelma Plum and I am in the makeup chair on my cover shoot with Gritty Pretty Magazine. I’m loving these pearls on my face. I feel like I’m very glowy, very dewy. I can’t say that I’ve ever had this many pearls on my face before.

I love getting my hair and makeup done. I find it so relaxing. Usually, it’s pretty early so I do love to have a coffee.

The top five beauty products that I would take with me to a desert island, I feel like would definitely be something for my cheeks but maybe that doubles as like a lip and cheek. Because I love pink cheeks. I would take some eyebrow soap, mascara, sunscreen and maybe like a Mario Badescu face spritz or something.

I feel when I’m on the road, an item that I always pack in my makeup bag is like a really good, strong face moisturiser. I’ve been loving the Weleda Skin Food. I think that’s really good for the airplane, just because it’s so thick and my skin gets so dry from being on so many planes. 

I do have a must-have beauty product I love these Dr. Dennis Gross exfoliating pads. I use them pretty religiously and have for the last few years. 

I’m a performer. It’s just, it feels quite natural to me to be on stage. And it just, I dunno, it feels really nice. Yeah, I can’t really explain it in any other way.

I love beauty. I feel like I have, since I was a kid, you know, I loved reading magazines and playing with my mum’s makeup. So, it definitely has a very big role in my life.

I have a song called Homecoming Queen where I sing about you know, there wasn’t anybody. I would you know, love reading these magazines but there wasn’t really anybody that looked like me in these magazines. And I think it really does something to you, as a young girl, not seeing anybody that looks like you in these magazines, especially these magazines that I loved. So I don’t know, it means a lot to be able to do stuff like this. I think it’s important as well. And you know, I would’ve, I’m sure if I had said to 11 year old me, I would’ve just been, you know, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Something I’ve done recently that I’m very proud of. I released music again for the first time in years.

Best piece of beauty advice I’ve ever been given is wear sunscreen. Just like all the time every single day.