Pip Edwards' Gritty Pretty Magazine Cover Shoot | Behind The Scenes Winter 2020

Gritty Pretty 15th June, 2020
In partnership with Estée Lauder

[Pip]: Oh my god, hi!

[Elle]: How are you doing sweet pea?

[Pip]: Oh, it’s, it’s been an interesting time. But I’ve been good. I’ve been good. Just going through the ups and downs of isolation. 

My beauty regime is number one part of my day. So, more so now and I think if I think about it, it is quite a process. It’s morning and night. Yes, it’s religious. Yes, I do it. And yes, I see the results. So of course, I’m going to do it.

Turning 40 and isolation it was quite, quite an interesting time to celebrate.

[Elle]: I went on a safari because, I was, I wanted to have an experience. I didn’t want to do a big party. I didn’t really want to do anything major. I sort of felt like I wanted to spend some sort of time in introspection.

[Pip]: The day I turned 40…like, literally, I was just with my son. I was just like, that’s actually what it’s meant to be like that, you know, to get to that milestone, standing on my own two feet with my son and that’s it. And I’m like, yeah, that’s it. This is it. This is 40! 

Works been really busy. So that’s been something that’s kept me quite sane in the sense of that sense of normality, but I’m quite happy to not have that normal. I’m happy I’m quite happy to not go back to what was normal. I think one of my greatest fears was being alone. And so, isolation really made me confront that a lot and especially turning 40 alone, not you know, yes with my son but like just as alone and I’m really happy to be alone. Which I’ve probably never been able to say that.

[Elle]: We’re with universe, with yourself. Yeah, and I think that’s the… that’s the richness within you.

[Pip]: Yeah, but I think everyone as well has been forced to kind of have that time alone and I think we, you know, we’ve been growing in such a fast-paced life that sometimes you need to take stock. 

You got to believe it to see it and I think when I believe it, I know that I’ve nailed, nailed my routine. I’m so healthy. I’ve got all my exercises down pat. My brain is in order. My son is in order. It’s just like I’m on top of it and that’s when I feel my most confident.

[Elle]: So, listen, you’re looking amazing still to me like you’re 27.

[Pip]: Thank you! So, it’s so good to see. Bye!