Jayme Jo, Jessie & Jo Massoud On Unshakeable Bond, Self-Love The One Skincare Serum They All Share

Gritty Pretty 20th November, 2020
In partnership with Clarins

[Jayme Jo]: To describe our mum in three words, we would say she is hardworking, motivational and inspirational.

[Jessie]: Yeah, definitely. She always taught us to not seek validation from others, and just to truly love yourself by loving what’s within and learning to love what’s without.

[Jayme Jo]: The first time I used Clarins Double Serum was in Melbourne while I was on Billy Elliot. I got home from a massive show day, and I used this product for the first time. And it was like magic in a bottle. I put it on, and I was actually shocked. My skin felt plump and hydrated and it looked really fresh. Then when I got home from Melbourne, I literally forced it on Jesse and Mum.

[Jessie]: She was like “I found the best beauty product for our skin and I’m looking in the mirror and telling myself, “I look beautiful!”