Guy & Jules Sebastian On Love Languages, Parenting And What Unity Means To Them

Gritty Pretty 09th August, 2020
In partnership with Georg Jensen

[Jules]: You literally are the same person I met when we were 12 or 13. And you’ve just grown and morphed and matured by at the core of you and at the heart of you? Same person. We met at church…

[Guy]: The best, best upbringing and the best life. We had the closest mates.

[Jules]: When you shine, you really shine. Like when you write a song, and it’s like all of the things you wanted to say, in this one song. I’m just, I’m over.

[Guy]: I think you learn each others’s love languages. Because a song to me, it means a lot to me. But obviously it’s a lot more of a natural way for me to show love.

[Jules]: It’s really cute he writes ‘I heart you’ on my skin. We’ll just be watching TV or something and you’ll just write it on my hand or my leg or whatever.

[Guy]: Then I’ll just wipe it off.

[Jules]: Then he wipes it off. Why do you wipe it off?

[Guy]: I don’t know. Watching Jules as a mum. You know, we’ve got little Hudson who’s 8 and Archie who’s 6. It just completely gives me, as a husband and as a father, just a different respect for you. All you care about is others.

[Jules]: You are good at being a dad. You really are. You are so fun. You’re the fun one of us two.

[Guy]: Oh, I don’t know about that.

[Jules]: You are. You’re a good time. But you’re also really good at listening to them and communicating with them. I love that our boys have that to look up to.

[Guy]: I designed Jules’s wedding ring and thought I was really clever. It was like this really kind of different looking ring.

[Jules]: When it’s a special piece of jewellery you hold it so close to your heart and you keep it forever. It’s like one of those things that bond you.

[Guy]: It’s always, you know, definitely represented unity. And I think that’s what jewellery has meant to us.