Behind The Scenes with Zoë Foster Blake: Gritty Pretty Magazine Summer 2019 Issue

Gritty Pretty 10th December, 2019

[Zoë]: Skincare and putting stuff on your face every day, it should be something you enjoy. Not something you feel intimidated or frustrated or confused about. I’m Zoë Foster Blake and holy shit, I’m on the cover of Gritty Pretty.

[Gritty Pretty]: What was the biggest challenge you faced when creating Go-To Skincare?

[Zoë]: It probably was the business side of things, which I’m very bad at, but that’s obviously part of it when you start a business. So, I like to bring in people who are better at things than I am so that I can state what I’m good at.

[Gritty Pretty]: What products have you used over the past five years that have never gone out of your daily routine other than Go-To of course?

[Zoë]: I use tubing mascara, I’m evangelical about it. Tinted moisturiser and about four billion brow products and something for this. 

[Gritty Pretty]: What other products will you be creating and need to mentally prepare?

[Zoë]: We have heaps in R&D. Like natural products take a long time to get right, so it’s always about six or seven on the go but I’m not going to be telling you any of them! Sorry.

[Gritty Pretty]: What is your do or die number one beauty rule?

[Zoë]: Wear SPF, obviously. 

[Gritty Pretty]: Will you bring out an SPF 30 or 50?

[Zoë]: We do have a high protection SPF on the way and we’re going to have a beautiful family of SPF products that we’re very, very proud of.

[Gritty Pretty]: How does she handle any mum guilt while she is building a beauty brand business and writing books?

[Zoë]: I don’t really handle it. I think it’s a little dangerous and even destructive to try and do too much at once and I learnt that the hard way. 

[Gritty Pretty]: Having achieved so much success what has been the hardest or most challenging part of the Go-To journey?

[Zoë]: Keeping the intimacy and the fun, and the relatability of a small indie brand as we grow bigger is the challenge. So, how we maintain that as we grow and go into new markets and countries and so is going to be a big challenge.