Amanda Shadforth On The Art Of Personal Style

Rose 31st August, 2022
In partnership with Georg Jensen

[Amanda]: I love to work in these really textured pieces, where I use trowels. And I’ve made my own equipment, of how I like to apply the paint. So, I’ve got these really tiny little brushes, and then I’ve got these massive stainless steel trowels, and I like to work between the two.

I would define my personal style, as a real paradox of masculine versus feminine. I always find that I gravitate towards trousers and blazers, because I’m quite a tomboy. Then I have this like classic understated tone to how I like to dress.

I think the design elements that most inspire me, you can actually see this lovely like form and I love the way that the light reflects off the corners and picks up, you know, another dimension.

When I first viewed the Georg Jensen collection, I was really drawn to these like, beautiful organic shapes, and wearing them, they feel like they’re part of your body. I love this nature of feeling like the jewellery is something that you may have already owned before and I think that’s actually really sweet.

Some of the pieces actually feel like, they themselves, could’ve been part of nature once before. I see similarities in my own inspirations, coming from nature as well. And, you know, you could go into a beautiful art gallery in Paris and see a sculpture or I mean Georg Jensen was a sculptor. So, I really have an appreciation for that, because I think that shows that his vision and his legacy has continued on.