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Hi Eleanor, First of all, you're a huge inspiration and I have followed you through your successes for quite some time now. Which brings me to my question- you have said how you are a big fan of illuminator and BB creams, do you have any favourites? I thought I'd take a leaf out of your book and give one a go, but I found the bb cream to be a little sticky/ not a nice consistency. I have naturally dry skin and often use over my daily moisturiser. Any tips? Congrats on being back on gritty pretty!


Hi Kate, How exciting! While I haven't quite overcome to the powers of jetlag altogether, I do have a couple of tips when travelling long-haul flights: - Pack a lightweight scarf. It can double as a blanket and you'll find it surprisingly useful whilst travelling. I never go anywhere without my Louis Vuitton leopard print scarf. - Drink water on the flight. When you think you've drank enough, drink some more. Due to the pressure of the cabin, you and your skin can become dehydrated quickly. Sure, it's annoying to keep going to the bathroom but getting up every hour or so is great for the circulation in your legs. - Pack makeup remover wipes. I don't wear makeup on long-haul flights but wipes are a great way to refresh your skin. - Pack a moisturiser. I like Clarins Beauty Balm - I pop some on before I try to get some sleep on the plane. - Pack eye drops. If, like me, you feel the effects of the cabin pressure then your eyes will feel dry after some hours too. I always take some eye drops with me to keep them lubricated. - Pack an sleep eye mask - it'll help when you need that precious shut eye. And lastly, if you arrive in London early, try to stay away awake and sleep during the UK time zone. Hopefully, your body clock will adjust within 24 hours. You can find a post on my favourite London hot spots here: Safe travels x


Hi Eleanor I notice you are lucky enough to travel quite frequently. I am about to go on my first Europe trip- but unfortunately it is a very quick one (8 days)! Do you have any tips to help me avoid jetlag, dry skin and help me get the most out of my limited time there. Also do you have any favourite haunts around London (fashion,beauty,food?) Xo

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