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Hi Ella, I'm so glad you found the post inspiring. Being in Melbourne, it's tricky. As I'm sure you know, Australia's largest publishing houses - Bauer & Pacific Magazinws - are based in Sydney. While I wouldn't recommend packing up your life and moving to Sydney (just yet!), if I were you I would start being putting my feelers out. You can do this by checking Bauer, Pacific Magazines and News' websites for job listings. Check and as well. And, as you're in Sydney in November for work experience at SHOP, I highly recommend you maximise that time you have - check Bauer's internal vacancies on the intranet, if you can. And, remember: network, network, network. All the best Ella. XE

Ella Damiani

Hi Eleanor, I absolutely loved reading this post!! It was inspiring and motivating for me because I am in the exact position that you were when you first started out. For as long as I can remember, I have dreamt of working in the magazine industry, in fashion and lifestyle journalism. I am a few weeks short of finishing my journalism degree (with a minor in public relations), in Melbourne, and I am wondering where to go from here. I have done various stints of work experience, including a week at Cleo Magazine, my local news papers, I have a pretty successful blog, write for an online Melbourne-based fashion magazine called Covet, and have work experience at Shop Til You Drop in November. But what I would love to know is where to go from here? What would you suggest I do next to secure a job in magazines? And what is the best way to apply for these jobs? Thank you so much, and I absolutely love your blog. Kind regards, Ella


Hi MB, The event is being hosted by The Galeries. I'm not sure if it's being filmed but in the event that it is, I will absolutely re-post the footage online. Thanks for your comment. X E

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