Alice + Ella


Alice + Ella


[Photos: Ella Baché | Editing: me]



I can't begin to tell you how much I love all of my ella bache products. My skin feels so beautiful everyday! My favourite would have to be my light beige sunguard 50+. It not only has the best coverage but also has an amazing sun protection. It suits my skin the best out of any makeup :-)


I’m not one to shy away from a challenge – neither is Ella Bache's Masque Soir de Fete apparently! It instantly moisturises and soothes, not to mention leaves my usually dull skin with a beautiful glow… Any product that addresses all of my skin’s problems in 10 minutes is definitely worthy of a place in my bathroom cabinet!

Suzie Neal

My favourite Ella Bache product is 'Gommage Delicat'. This truly fine exfoliant promises rosy results. It is as individual as me, being kind, unique and so refreshing! 'Gommage Delicat' helps my skin feel ready for Summer and is an absolute prerequisite for Ella Bache Suncare products.  :)

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