Got bumpy skin? Uneven? Cellulite? Well, you’re not alone, friends.

To slough off scaly skin, all you need is a few bucks for a dry body brush.

This old beauty hack from way back (we’re talking ancient times!) is proven to be one of the most effective ways of stimulating healthy skin renewal but it’s often sorely overlooked.

Not only does dry body brushing stimulate the connective tissue attached to the capillaries sitting under the skin, improving circulation travelling to the heart but it also assists the lymphatic flow around the body, helping to rid your body of toxins. What’s more with brushing done daily, skin can become visibly smoother and more radiant. It even works wonders on diminishing cellulite.

So, is there an art to the technique?

Here’s exactly how to do it:


Use long, sweeping strokes upwards applying a gentle pressure with your brush. Never press so hard it feels sore — dry brushing should always be a pleasant experience!


Begin by brushing the soles of your feet using a light pressure.


Work up the front and back of legs in long upward strokes toward the heart and major lymph nodes in the body, such as the groin, armpits and base of neck.


Continue on to arms and hands then work in circles on the stomach and back.


Finish with an energising neck and scalp brush then jump in the shower.


Try to alternate shower temperatures from hot to cold. This will further invigorate skin and bring more blood to its outer layers and expel more of the toxins that break down its connective tissues, which ultimately leads to cellulite.


To finish, massage all over with a good quality body moisturiser like Dr. Hauschka Almond Soothing Body Cream.

After each body brush, spray brush bristles with ModelsPrefer Brush Cleaner. Regularly cleaning your brush will prolong the brush life, optimise brush performance and most importantly, reduce risk of bacterial infection on the skin. A lot of dead skin is sloughed off when dry brushing, so it is essential to get rid of those nasties by washing your brush once a week with hot soapy water and leave in the sun to dry or a well ventilated area.

Remember: Always use a plant bristle body brush (try: Aromatherapy Associates Body Brush or Manicure Dry Body Brush). Plant bristles from coconut husks or cactus provide the best exfoliation and stimulation for your skin. They are the highest quality, long lasting and don’t scratch.

Tell us, do you use a dry body brush?

Which one do you recommend?

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I'm such a huge believer in dry brushing. I've incorporated it into my morning rituals and have really noticed an improvement in my skin texture and hydration.

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