July 05, 2023

8 Indigenous-Owned Beauty Businesses To Support Now

Photography: Tāne Coffin / Creative Direction: Rhys Ripper / Hair: Taylor James Redman / Makeup: Chloe Langford / Talent: Billiejean Hamlet

A small step towards listening, learning and changing. 

Today, we are bringing you a list of eight Indigenous-owned beauty businesses to support. Whether you’re after a new haircare routine, a super-nourishing body butter or some new essential oils to add to your collection, these brands have it all. Formulated with native botanicals and with Indigenous knowledge and understanding of natural ingredients at their core, these brands are the blueprint of what sustainable beauty should (and can!) look like. But be warned, your bank account is about to drop significantly.

Dilkara Australia

Translating to ‘Rainbow’, Dilkara hair care sources ingredients from local Indigenous communities to create their products. With native botanicals including Kakadu plum, quandong, lilly pilly berry and tea tree oil, their products not only give you great hair, but are also great for the environment. By melding together founder Julie’s Aboriginal heritage with the heritage of Indigenous communities based around Canberra, the brand strives to deliver results and history, in one.

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Native Secrets

Founded by husband and wife duo Phil and Cherie Thompson in 2014, Native Secrets Australia is a family business with community values. With product formulas based on their ancestors’ stories of medicinal flora and fauna, the unique products are known for helping to calm skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. The business also prides itself on sustainable capturing of ingredients so as to maintain flora for generations to come.

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Earth Jinda

Predominantly based in the essential oil market, Earth Jinda was founded by Jame, a Gumbaynggirr woman, who wanted to share the holistic knowledge of her ancestors through her products. On her way to becoming a qualified aromatherapist, Jame combines her knowledge of ingredients with recipes passed down for generations to create blends that are second to none.

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A family-owned skincare business, Juddarnje is at the heart of the Bundjalung tribe of Northern New South Wales. Using knowledge of the traditional medicinal and nutritional values of the land and the traditional custodians, the business uses natural oils, botanicals, clays and essential oils to create luxurious beauty products that actually work. The ultra-chic packaging also doesn’t hurt.

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Indigi Earth

Proudly and 100 per cent Indigenous owned and operated business, Indigi Earth is a Mudgee based business specialising in essential oil blends, skincare products, candles and even superfoods. Founded in 2012 by Sharon Winsor, a Ngemba Weilwan woman, the business is also now the leading Aboriginal premium native food supplier.

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Jyelah Mind & Body

Whether you’re after a relaxing bath salt, a luxurious soap or a moisturising body lotion, Jyelah has everything you could ever need. Named after founder Kerrilee Philp’s late first born daughter, the beauty business has been crafting handmade personal care products for over five years. Specialising in gemstone soaps, the products are created to take advantage of the cleansing energies of gemstones whilst simultaneously nourishing the skin. Multitasking at its finest, if you ask us.

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Bush Medijina

Born from the desire of the Warningakalina elders to build opportunities for women, children and families, Bush Medijina is a beauty business known for their use of native Australian botanicals. Through the collision of traditional practices and corporate policies, the business strives to bring sustainable, effective and positive products to the market. The team is made up of 80 per cent Indigenous people and 100 per cent women, so you can be confident that the products are designed by women, for women.

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Amplified Beauty Australia

Created by Shahna Smith of the Njuaranjerri tribe, Amplified Beauty Australia is much more than a cosmetics brand. With the goal to become a voice for all woman all over the world and advocating for female empowerment, diversity and inclusion, the brand not only creates beautiful formulas but is also passionate about making every single person feel confident and included. Plus, who doesn’t love a new lipstick?

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Thirsty Turtl. One of the founders is from Torres Strait Islands. They make AMAZING skincare with native plants mixed with active ingredients.

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