Two Cult Beauty Brands FINALLY Coming To Australia

Christmas has come early.

Two of the most buzzed-about brands are making their Australian debut this week (insert dancing lady emoji here). One is from the world’s most influential makeup artist, the other from a skincare start-up.

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First up, Pat McGrath. For most of us, that’s pretty much all we need to know. For everyone else: where have you been hiding? Pat McGrath is the British makeup artist that is single-handedly responsible for the some of the most iconic beauty looks of the last two decades. Glitter red lips, bleached brows, hyper-real highlighted skin—that’s all Pat.

McGrath works around 80 fashion shows every year (including Prada, Versace and Givenchy), often toting 50+ suitcases (!) of cosmetics, feathers and sequins, which she uses to create gorgeous looks that filter from the runways to real life. Basically, where McGrath’s imagination goes, the rest of the beauty-obsessed follow.

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So it’s not surprising that when she launched Pat McGrath Labs in 2015, the 1000 units of metallic Gold 001 pigment sold out in six minutes flat. Today, the range has expanded to include lipsticks, highlighters and eyeshadows, and are sold both on her website and at Sephora. What hasn’t changed: they still sell out super fast. Which is why we advise you log on early to Sephora’s website this Thursday December 6 (that’s tomorrow) to pick up one of the limited-edition Christmas packs (don’t despair if you miss out, because a wider selection of Pat McGrath Lab products should hit Sephora early 2019).

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Don’t let your laptop or mobile stray too far, though, because this Friday December 7, the first Friday of summer, is when Mecca will launch Summer Fridays (see what they did there?).

The brand was born on social media, and created by LA-based beauty and lifestyle influencers Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland. The duo were looking for a quick solution to their tired, dull, stressed-out skin, and came up with the Jet Lag Mask, a creamy combination of brightening vitamin C, smoothing niacinamide, antioxidant green tea, and exfoliating chestnut extract.

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Thanks to the fun name, Instagrammable blue aluminum packaging, and clean and vegan ingredients, plus a dedicated and engaged following, the product was a sell-out in the States. Jet Lag works as a leave-on mask (it goes on clear, so you can safely wear it in public), a heavy-duty moisturiser for thirsty skin, or as leave-on or overnight mask, and delivers that summer Friday feeling to skin. And there are plans to launch the brand’s other instant best-seller, the orange-hued Overtime Mask, early 2019.

Meet you guys at check-out.

Tell us, have you tried either of these brands? Which products are you most excited for?


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