The Indie Beauty Brands You Need To Know

From Summer Fridays and Tata Harper, to Róen Beauty and lilah.b, indie beauty brands are growing mighty fast.

Every time you look, an emergent independent beauty brand has cut through the ever-increasing industry noise, carving out a new niche and cementing themselves as a major player in the beauty landscape.

What these brands have in common is an untempered, clear vision and set of values that resonate with consumers—particularly so with generation millennial—and, to put it simply, just really damn good products. We spoke to some of these burgeoning pioneers on how they got their start and why the independents are changing the beauty game.


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Influencers and friends Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland were never aiming to revolutionise beauty when creating their cult brand Summer Fridays, but they wanted to create something they’d love to use themselves.

“We weren’t necessarily addressing a gap in the market because there are so many incredible skincare brands,” shares Hewitt. “From the packaging to the branding, messaging, and ingredients we used and didn’t use… it was a combination of all of the things we love.”

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Initially launching with the Jet Lag Mask, the brand was—and still is—an instant hit, quickly catching the attention of global retailers. With their ever on-brand Instagram feed and loyal followers, the duo believe they wouldn’t have seen the level of success without social media.

“The power of community is huge,” says Gores Ireland. “It’s at the core of who we are and our brand wouldn’t exist without the people who continue to support us. They give us the opportunity to do what we do.”

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