Robyn Lawley On Diversity, Body Positivity & The One Sunscreen She Swears By

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Robyn wears Lee Mathews dress, Matteau bikini and LEJEUNE earrings.


In the world of fashion, Robyn Lawley is one of Australia’s most famous exports. You name it, Robyn has done it. The cover of Vogue? Tick. Marie Claire? Tick. Editorials for Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Elle? Tick, tick, tick.

Impressive, no? What makes Robyn’s CV even more impressive is that she forged the way for the plus size models that came after her. When she was first starting out, Robyn was often met with criticism that she was ‘too big’ or ‘too tall’. (We know, we know, we’re shaking out heads too.) However, rules were made to be broken—and break the rules she did.

There’s a reason why Robyn has been so successful; she has a certain glow about her. Here, Gritty Pretty talks to the model about diversity, skincare and how to stay body positive in a size 0 world.


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Robyn wears Lee Mathews dress, Oroton bag and LEJEUNE jewellery.


Gritty Pretty: You’ve been pretty vocal about the lack of diversity in the fashion industry and the pressure to be thin. Do you think the industry in improving—particularly in Australia?

Robyn Lawley: I often get told I’ve been pretty vocal; however, all I’m asking for is inclusivity. I stick to that mindset. I do think the industry is improving. I think it’s a little slow but I’m hopeful for the continued change. I would definitely love to see Australia at the forefront of that change, definitely with size, ethnicities, sustainable options and ages.


Do you have any tips for our readers on how to stay body positive? 

It can be hard at times to always remain body positive; even I have my moments. I find reconnecting with nature helps me. Do a hobby, empower your mind, etc.


Your skin is flawless! What does your morning skincare routine look like?

Thank you. I’m all about hydration and protection. In the morning, I use a moisturiser by Endota Spa called Deep Hydration and then the Daily Defence Cream SPF 50+ Sunscreen. Most days I wear sunscreen or my hat. Endota Spa Daily Defence is an easy one to wear under makeup—it’s SPF50+ and doesn’t leave me looking like a vampire, which is handy.


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On the left, Robyn wears Matteau dress and Oscar de la Renta cuff from Pierre Winter Fine Jewels. On the right, Robyn wears Lee Mathews dress, Matteau bikini and LEJEUNE earrings.


And what does your PM skincare routine entail?

My evening routine depends on the day and the level of makeup. For some fashion shows, I have such extreme makeup that olive oil is a great natural remover. Otherwise, I use a simple cleanser and then a serum. I love the Radiance Boost Serum or Rosehip Oil (both by Endota) and then the Deep Hydration Moisturiser after.


Do you have any daily/weekly/monthly wellness rituals?

I love yoga and do it whenever I can. I love yoga because you basically can do it anywhere, anytime. I’m always traveling so classes become obsolete. I do love classes and I do them when I can, in whichever country I’m in at the time.

I also think omega 3s are really important for anti-inflammatory reasons. I drink a lot of flax oil in green smoothies.


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Tell us, do you have any wellness hacks you swear by? And who would you like to see us interview next?


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