"My Mum Is Kind, Caring & Fabulous”: Kate Waterhouse On How Her Mother Gai Continues To Inspire Her

Gritty Pretty 13th November, 2020
In partnership with Clarins

[Kate]: My mum is kind, caring and fabulous.

[Gai]: When I started using Double Serum, it was probably only quite recently over the last year. But I absolutely adore it. It’s the best thing, it’s been slice free because it just moisturizes, and it gives you a freshness. I use Double Serum both morning and evening. It’s an essential part of my makeup, it’s an essential part of my beauty treatment. 

[Kate]: My first memory around beauty has definitely got to do with my mum. I would see her getting ready for the races, and putting on the makeup and I think my mum never, ever leaves the house without lipstick, even at 6:45 in the morning. So, I grew up watching that and I think my mom is still in a very young age to really take care of your skin. No wonder she looks so good today. If I look like mom when I’m older, I’ll be very happy.