Morgan Mitchell On Confidence, The Rio Olympics & The Skincare Product She Inherited From Her Mum

Gritty Pretty 27th November, 2020
In partnership with Clarins

[Morgan]: I think feeling beautiful for me, is just loving yourself, regardless of other people’s opinions of you. To me that’s what I think true beauty is really, is just having the confidence to be the person that you want to be.

I think the consistent skincare routine has helped me over the years because I know that when I am out there competing, I can’t control my competition. I can’t control the weather and all that, but I do have control my skincare routine. And that, if this is all you know, set and put in place then I go out there with confidence because I know I have nothing to worry about. 

Immediately after using Double Serum, my skin feels like heaven. I love it because my skin actually feels super soft, super hydrated and it’s also like tightening. You know people say “oh you’ve got amazing skin” this, that, the other. But it’s kind of like that extra little bit that I even need. So, for me I was quite happy.