Melissa Leong On MasterChef, Learning To Cook From Her Mum & The Product That Keeps Her Skin Glowing

Gritty Pretty 30th October, 2020
In partnership with Clarins

[Melissa]: My first memory of beauty and skincare was just being an absolute awe of my mother’s bathroom vanity with all of her beauty products on it. And I would love to go and try the different textures and kind of pour things out. That love of beauty and skincare has been something that’s been with me for a very, very long time thanks to her. 

Me navigating this industry, I would just say that I’m just trying to be myself. So yes, you know, it is a place that is still slowly growing when it comes to diversity, but I’m really proud to represent who I am, my cultural background and my story. And hopefully that will inspire others to do so as well.

What I really love about Double Serum is that it sort of goes on, it’s really lovely and hydrating, it sinks straight into the skin and I love to sort of take the time to massage it in. And because of that, you know hyaluronic acid, it really makes the skin feel plump and juicy and glowy. And who doesn’t want that?