Gritty Pretty Real Reviews: Bobbi Brown Skin Corrector & Concealer

Rose 27th June, 2022
In partnership with Bobbi Brown

[Holly]: My skin type is complicated sometimes.

[Verna]: Motherhood has changed my skin and so I’m finding that I’m quite sensitive to products.

[Holly]: My first impression of the Bobbi Brown Skin Corrector, I was actually quite amazed.

[Georgie]: When I paired it with the Bobbi Brown Concealer, it was just a match made in heaven with the two of them. They brightened my eyes beyond belief and I was just in awe of how well they work together.

[Alice]: And it’s buildable for if you want medium coverage or if you want heavier coverage.

[Ingrid]: So, I just applied directly on and just dab it with my ring finger.

[Holly]: I do have a little bit of redness in certain areas too, so, I try to just use it where I need it. And then concealer, same thing, just where I need it in the morning to look fresh.

[Verna]: Overall, the Bobbi Brown Skin Corrector and concealers were really, really impressive.

[Holly]: They’re a great size. So, you can really get into all the different corners.

[Ingrid]: I actually have already recommended it to my friends.

[Verna]: Yeah, I look forward to just keeping it as a makeup staple.