Abbey Gelmi On Journalism, Why She Loves A Challenge & The Skincare Product She Shares With Her Mum

Gritty Pretty 04th November, 2020
In partnership with Clarins

[Abbey]: I guess the thing that my mom taught me about being confident on camera was more about just being confident in life and that you can’t change how people think about you, but you can change how you think about yourself. And if you know that you put the work in and you do the best job you can, that’s all that’s ever really mattered to my parents. Which is lovely too. 

I think that, when I feel that I’ve achieved something or that I’ve pushed myself, that’s when I feel the most beautiful. While getting glammed up for events is always really lovely, I think that when you’re confident in your own skin, that’s when you tend to feel the most beautiful.

Clarins, for me, is almost family and I know that sounds corny but it’s just the products have been part of my mum’s, and her mum’s beauty regimen. So, it feels like it’s almost part of that family heritage which is lovely. And it also just means results, and a bit of luxury, but also luxury in every day.