October 09, 2020

Why A Moisturiser Is The Most Important Step In Your Skincare Regime

Your moisturiser is a staple product within your skincare arsenal that protects, elevates and renews your complexion.

We bet you thought you could skip this step didn’t you?

Moisturisers are integral to supporting and strengthening the skin’s barrier function, without it your skin will become exposed to the environmental aggressors such as UV rays, pollution and differing temperatures. Dr Chris Moss, plastic surgeon and co-founder of Liberty Belle Rx explains that, “an effective and reliable skincare regimen is an important part of maintaining the best skin for all the benefits this brings,” and adds that a quality moisturiser is the “keystone” of any skincare regime.

It’s all about the skin barrier when it comes to moisturisers. “Moisturisers are as much about maintaining and improving a robust barrier as they are about preventing dehydration,” shares Aesthetics RX general manager, Nicola Kropach. “Trans epidermal moisture loss occurs more when the barrier is impaired, leaving the skin dehydrated and prone to irritation and the signs of premature skin ageing”. As a skin superhero, moisturisers seal, support and protect the top layer of the skin.

Know Your Humectants From Your Emollients

Don’t fear, we’re about to break down the beauty jargon…

Most moisturisers are comprised of two types of ingredients: humectants and emollients.

Humectants draw moisture to the skin. They work by pulling water from the dermis (the second layer of skin) to the epidermis (the top layer of skin). Some of the most common humectants include glycerin, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera.

Emollients are thick and rich ingredients that help to seal moisture into the skin by forming a barrier and preventing water evaporation. Think: plant oils, shea butter, cocoa butter and fatty acids.

A balanced moisturiser that utilises both humectants and emollients will hydrate skin and support your skin barrier, revealing great skin overall.

Gritty Pretty loves: Liberty Belle Rx Superhero ($138), Augustinus Bader The Cream ($240), Alpha H Skin Perfecting Moisturiser SPF 15 ($60), Crème de La Mer ($470) & Aesthetics RX Anti Regenerating Formula ($139).

How To Find The Right Moisturiser For You

To find the right moisturiser for you and make the most of it in your routine, firstly, it is important to take note of your skin type.

If you have oily/combination skin, it is recommended to use a lighter weight moisturiser; this will help to balance out the oiler parts of the complexion. On the contrary, applying a thick moisturiser to areas where sebum is over produced can lead to excessive breakouts. (Not cute.)

For those that suffer with dehydrated skin, reaching for a moisturiser with an increased humectant focus (hello, hyaluronic acid) will help to renew and replenish the moisture barrier.

Luxury vs Affordable: What’s The Diff

The moisturiser spectrum is broad and with affordable at one end and expensive at another, it can be difficult to decipher where to spend your money and equally reap the skincare benefits.

Ultimately, it is a question of trust. As Dr Moss highlights, consumers need to be aware of unsubstantiated label claims, “which are marketing claims that are not backed by results – often due to poor selection of actives or concentration that are too low to do anything.”

Products at the more affordable end of the spectrum are often created using cheaper ingredients or simpler formulations. Whereas, as Kopach explains, a cosmeceutical brand like Aesthetics RX creates more elegant and efficacious formulas: “It’s all about the ingredients: the quality, technical specificity and sophistication, delivery systems, therapeutic dose (per cent used) and substantiation by clinical data.”

Gritty Pretty loves: Evolve Beauty Multi Peptide Moisturise Cream ($76), Origins Gin Zing Moisturiser ($29), Mecca Cosmetica Hydrating Moisturiser ($20), Rosen Skincare Tropics Moisturiser ($20). &  Hunter Lab Daily Face Fuel ($54).


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