November 17, 2020

The African Beauty Market Is Set To Boom — Here’s Why

Plus, the brands to watch.

African beauty is not a new concept believe it or not — the rich and raw ingredients, the nourishingly natural formulas, the rituals passed down from generation to generation — and yet, it’s place within the beauty market appears to be overlooked by the global industry. Statistics show that African beauty and the personal care market is valued at over $10 billion with a current three per cent contribution to the global beauty market which is set to more than double in the coming years compared to that of the global growth rate. Some countries, including Nigeria, are forecasted to see double-digit growth.


The reason why African beauty has been placed on the fringes in the past can be put down to many reasons from the disintegration between countries to trading and legal conventions. All in all, unpacking the African market has been considered too risky by major investors, unlike those that have tapped into the Asian markets. From the peak of the North to the depth of the South, Africa holds an abundant amount of potential, wealth, culture, knowledge and showcases a significant revenue stance within the global market. Ozohu Adoh, Founder of Epara Skincare highlights that Africa is “historically underexplored and under-researched.” However, change is afoot: “We now have a better scientific understanding of the efficacy and uses of these botanicals and ingredients. The uniqueness of these natural ingredients is the diversity of their origin”.


In a crowded market, African beauty stands out. These brands bring the value, quality, community and essence of the continent to the forefront. African beauty, sometimes called A-Beauty for short, celebrates a uniqueness that is embedded within Africa’s unique heritage and recipes.

More specifically, the ingredients that form the basis of African beauty are sourced from the earth and extract the natural, rich and healing essences that have traditionally been used to cure all sorts of skin concerns from eczema to psoriasis. “Some of these potent natural ingredients have been used for centuries and have been proven to fight bacteria, detox the skin and help prevent and reduce damage from the environment. They are very high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are so important for the skin” shares African Botanics.

What solidifies beauty within African beauty is the togetherness and bond that is created over the rituals and ingredients; the energy that powers and fuels the land is somehow bottled and captured within the formulas.


Trust us, you’ll want these on your beauty cabinet.

African Botanics

Sourced in the plains of South Africa, African Botanics harnesses a bespoke formulation that utilizes the unique ingredients that are extracted from the rich soils. Containing the most concentrated active plants extracts and superior botanical actives, African Botanics respects and celebrates Africa’s biodiversity within their products, formulations and packages.


Epara Skincare

In the Nigerian dialect, Epara means to “cocoon oneself”. Designed to nourish and protect, the luxury skincare brand creates products that repair, pamper, moisturise and hydrate. Founded by Ozohu Adoh, Epara combines the luxury element with the traditions, community and culture of the African community.


True Moringa

Inspired by the resourcefulness of the Moringa Tree (did you know its leaves contain more protein than yoghurt and more calcium than milk?) the brand True Moringa was born. Taking the unused parts of the tree and supplementing it with other natural ingredients such as argan, jojoba and shea, True Moringa products embrace the rituals behind wellness.



Founded by Oriaikhi-Sao, Malée is a fragrance, bath and body care range inspired by generations of healing rituals and beauty traditions. With 100 per cent pure plant based ingredients, Malée prides itself on efficacious formulas that marry nature with modern science.

Malée isn’t available in Australia yet but we still thought the brand warranted a mention.

The Afro Hair & Skin Co.

Enthusiasts for all elements natural and organic, The Afro Hair & Skin Co. ensure that the most natural and purest ingredients are poured into each and every product. Although cold-pressed and harvested within the UK, the high-quality green beauty brand tailors it care and attention into the rituals that it evokes.

The Afro Hair & Skin Co. doesn’t ship to Australia; however we’ll let you know when they do.



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