I drink about a litre of water every day. You’d think that would be enough. Heck, I thought it was.

But, in between exercising 3 – 4 times a week (reformer pilates is my thang!) and spending moments out in the sun, the hydration from that water is quickly dried up.

So, to mark this month’s Dermalogica #FaceMapNation campaign, I decided to get my face mapped and to be honest, I was actually surprised by my results.

It’s no secret I’m pretty diligent with my skincare but after a couple of minutes, I soon discovered exactly where my complexion was lacking moisture (around my forehead, FYI) and where I had areas of pigmentation, congestion and yes, even a few pesky blackheads (that are now banished!).

So, how does Face Mapping work?

Face Mapping is a unique skin analysis tool, which goes through the face and neck zone by zone (14 zones, actually!).

Inspired by the ancient tradition of Chinese facial diagnosis, each zone is examined by your skin therapist through touch and sight with the findings recorded on paper (you can see my results here).

This type of analysis allows your skin therapist to prescribe a customised, zone-by-zone skincare regimen to treat your own individual concerns, which is pretty bloody awesome.

If you’re interested in getting your skin mapped, click here.

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What camera do you use? There is a stunning quality to all of your photos- which I'm so jealous of!

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