While the importance of cleansing, moisturising and applying sunscreen has been the mainstay of women’s magazines for years, exfoliation has often been relegated to a necessary evil.

However, the truth is that at the heart of healthy skin lies good exfoliation – and it just so happens there’s two types: manual and chemical.

Manual exfoliation involves using a skin brush or an abrasive scrub (the one you are probably most familiar with) to slough off dead cells; while chemical exfoliation occurs when you apply a product – like The Skincare Company Exfoliant Serum – that contains ingredients such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids that dissolve those dead skin cells without the need for physical scrubbing.

Plus, when it removes dull surface skin, fresh cell turnover is encouraged and skin discolouration and excess pigmentation can be reduced.

And, as this exfoliant serum is formulated with lactic acid, it’s best used every second night so you wake to seriously smooth skin.

The Skincare Company’s active anti-ageing skincare range is available at doctor’s practices and online here.

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