Today I’m flying to Paris for a three week European sojourn.

And, the first store I’ll be heading straight to from Charles de Gaulle won’t be Céline, Isabel Marant or even Colette. No, it won’t be Chanel either.

It will be Citypharma (conveniently located near Café de Flore where after a big day of shopping, one can refuel on glass of red bordeaux and recharge thanks to a basket of baguettes).

You see, for me, French pharmacies are like a real-life version of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory because they are 100 per cent dedicated to skin care products for a huge range of different skin types and concerns.

At the core of every French pharmacy is derma-cosmétiques (or derma-cosmetics) – a trend that’s been going so strong since the ’90s and is now much considered the norm in France. But for Australians, we are only just cottoning on now.

The category, which merges dermatological science with skin care, is fiercely respected in France. Over there, derma-cosmetics are even prescribed by dermatologists and recommended by pharmacists!

Undoubtedly, one of the leaders of this skin care movement is Bioderma.

Originally launched in France in 1977, Bioderma is most well-known for bringing the first micellar cleansing water to market. In fact, Bioderma Crealine H20 sees 1 bottlesold every 3 seconds! Yes, that’s almost a whopping 30, 000 sold every day worldwide. Insane.

And, while Bioderma Crealine H20 is the brand’s sure-fire signature product, there is also Bioderma Sebium H20, which caters for combination to oily and even acne-prone skin. Just like this particular cleansing water, the entire Bioderma Sebium range works to reduce the amount of oil produced by the skin but it changes the quality of the oil produced.

Yes, it’s true: acne-prone skin produces more squalene than normal skin types, which makes oil more likely to clog pores. Bioderma’s Sebium products target this natural over-production to prevent future breakouts. Genius, huh?! No wonder the French (and the rest of the world) go mad for the stuff.

To shop the entire Bioderma range, click here.

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Ah you just took me back to France for a second.. I was staying very close to Café de Flore just a week ago. Make sure you get to Rue de Buci, lots of cute cafes! I did my stock up of Bioderma Crealine H2O and Embroylisse lait creme... I also tried the Embroylisse makeup remover cleanser - love it! Enjoy xx

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