The clean slate you’ve been looking for starts here.

As long as you’re not limiting your diet to one food group (nothxbai lemon water), we’re all for a good detox, especially for skin and especially now. Unfortunately sunscreen, all-day air conditioning, too many rosés and late nights do not equal good skin.

Luckily for us, Dermalogica has just dropped a new product that will revolutionise the way we cleanse and protect our skin. We spoke to Emma Hobson, Dermalogica Education Manager, and asked her to share all the deets.

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Traditionally, clay face masks have been people’s go-to for a solid detox, but Dermalogica’s new Daily Superfoliant offers an alternative when you don’t have 15 minutes to fuss around. “Not all detox products are designed for daily use, but this one is because our skin really needs that daily environmental detox,” advises Hobson.

It’s also very different by virtue of ingredients, she adds. The fine-powder exfoliant features Bichotan Charcoal and works like a magnet to pull impurities out of your pores, while an Anti-Adherence Complex of Red Algae and Tara Fruit creates a teflon-like barrier to stop ageing pollutants from penetrating the skin. Hobson reveals: “It’s exceptionally easy and quick to use as part of your cleansing routine and can even be used in the shower – or bath!”.




For all you Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant fans out there, Hobson is quick to point out their difference. “The new Daily Superfoliant is designed to treat the signs of premature ageing (particularly due to our toxic environment). It’s a skin resurfacer with AHAs and digestive enzymes and is also suited for those with oilier skin, while the Microfoliant is a very gentle skin polisher for all skin types especially those who are more sensitive.”


Margarita Zeyger

Great post! I think it's also worth noting that a whole-body detox will help your skin too. Cleaning out toxic foods (those contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, etc.) could support clear skin and a cleaner body. I'm personally a fan of loading up on detox-supportive foods and supplements. Ultimate Antiox is a favorite of mine. You can buy it here, for anyone interested:

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