If a moisturiser ever bore a silver lining, ARgENTUM’s La Potion Infinie would quite literally be it.

Harnessing the strength of silver hydrosol, this anti-oxidant rich face cream– designed for both men and women – treats skin ageing, blemishes and oxidative stress.

Produced in very small batches to maintain purity and efficacy (with each cream conscientiously given it’s own serial number marked the base of the jar), the intensely hydrating formula leaves skin with a youthful glow albeit an oily residue.

Housed in a bespoke black glass jar that blocks light to protect itself against UV damage, thus prolonging the cream’s potency and life span; the unisex moisturiser also features a beautiful fragrance developed by Delphine Thierry, a prominent perfumer from Grasse, who specialises in using natural ingredients.

And finally, to add spiritual intrigue, ARgENTUM partnered with UK-based artist Joe Wilson to create 12 archetype cards to encapsulate the spirit of the brand and to accompany the moisturiser. Each jar receives a card by chance, but always with love.

You can shop ARgENTUM’s La Potion Infinie here.



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