While you were busy living life, mascaras got better, stronger, faster, smarter.

From the first ‘cake mascaras’ – dry, black bars you’d rub with a wet brush and comb through your lashes created by Maybelline founder, Tom Lyle Williams – to the everything proof mascaras of today, pumped with all sorts of fancy collagen, pro-keratin, lipid complex, polymers and hotshot vitamins, mascaras come a very long way. (Lest we forget that time we thought vibrating and self-rotating mascaras were a good idea… yeah, nah.)

These days, there’s no shortage of innovation – the problem now is saturation. Choosing the right mascara is like buying a computer before Macbooks were invented. What the bloody hell is RAM? There’s no one-size-fits all with mascara, but it’s helpful to understand a few of the software upgrades now available so you can find a mascara specific to your needs while getting the most of what research has to offer:


Lash serums AKA clear mascaras AKA lash primers usually have a preserving or replenishing benefit. They’re also good for getting that no-makeup makeup look and taming stray brows. Use alone, as a base coat or even as a top coat to smudge-proof your mascara.

We love Jane Iredale PureLash Extender & Conditioner for its holding power and Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum for a primer doesn’t slack on volume.


If you’re losing lashes faster than money out of your wallet at an Ellery warehouse sale, try switching to a mineral mascara for a few months. They’re lightweight and anti-clumping, and use natural oils like argan and almond oil (which we already know is a hero for your skin, hair and nails) to condition and support lash growth, while continuing to serve their purpose as mascaras: i.e. to give our lashes ultra-black, defined, Kimmy K Kurves.

We love Ere Perez Natural Almond Oil Mascara because it’s waterproof and that’s non-negotiable these days. We also rate Eye Of Horus Black Goddess Mascara for its ultra-dark pigment; it’s semi-waterproof.


Mascara fallout under the eye makes you look nothing like Margot Robbie and everything like Harley Quinn. It’s a whole situation when it happens, which is why money and research was pooled and tubular mascaras were invented. Kinda. Created to resist humidity, tubular mascaras are very fast drying and work to coat each lash in a lengthening polymer that forms freaky-cool, mini tubes which wash off under warm water, so there’s no smudging even in the shower and no rubbing so you lashes live to see another day. Nice.

We love Surratt Beauty Relevée Mascara and Kevin Aucoin The Volume Mascara for strong definition, good volume and chopstick-long extension.

Have you tried any of the above? What do you look for in a mascara?

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