September 24, 2020

The New Product That Creates A Microblade Brow Effect, Minus The Pain Factor

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: eyebrows are very important! The eyes are the windows to the soul and your eyebrows are responsible for framing those peepers.

When it comes to maintenance, there is more than one way to keep those brows in check. Once upon a time, the classic wax and tint combo was our only option. Now, there are a number of temporary and longer term grooming treatments, including brow lamination, henna dye, pencils, powders and gels.

One treatment that we keep coming back to time and time again is microblading. This semi-permanent brow tattoo fills in brows using an actual tattoo gun and tiny, feather-light strokes that fill in gaps and mimic the hair growth. Microblading looks great. The catch? It’s a tattoo! The pain factor is real.

Enter: Benefit Cosmetics.

Recently, Benefit Cosmetics launched a new product that promises the same effect as microblading, minus the pain factor. (We know, we know — where’s the lie?) The Brow Microfilling Pen is a brush-on three prong formula with longwearing effects. But is it easy to use? And how do the results compare to microblading? We put it to the test.

The name: Benefit Cosmetics Brow Microfilling Pen

The price: $45 from Myer

The sell: “Get the look of microbladed brows without the commitment! The firm-yet-flexible three pronged custom tip delivers clean, controlled ultra-fine strokes, instantly filling in gaps and creating the illusion of brow hairs.”

The application: We’re creatures of habit and the idea of swapping out tried-and-tested brow pencil for a three pronged pen sounded intimidating at first. However, our reservations were unfounded. From the first go, the Brow Microfilling Pen is easy to use. Importantly, the formula is buildable, meaning you can start slow and gradually apply more and more until you’re happy with the result.

FYI: The Brow Microfilling Pen requires a slightly different application technique to other products. Rather than simply colouring in any gaps, use the pen to do light strokes in the direction of the hair growth. Each stroke will leave three clean, controlled, defined lines. As you go along, these strokes will blend in with existing hairs.

Just quietly, the three prong pen is genius. It creates the same feather-light strokes as a professional microblading service and lasts for up to 24 hours. As the pièces de résistance, one swipe of Benefit Cosmetics 24 Hour Brow Setter in Clear ($45 at Myer) tames any unruly sections and slicks brow hairs into place.

The verdict: How did we ever survive without it? This easy-to-use pen is a game changer for brows.

The score: 9/10.



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